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    Okay so I get it now i think.

    Noobs to Addon development like myself start on curseforge and if and when one has completed a mature project, you may move to wowace if desired.
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    Hmmm, as I say i don't mind but these guidelines seem guaranteed to ensure that every new(to wowace) developer gets sent to curseforge.

    Let me explain

    > Be a member of the community: If you aren't active on the forums,
    > or in IRC, then are you really a member of the community?

    Well I just joined so I haven't had a chance to be active yet, but i was planning on soliciting feedback for my addons and asking some questions about dropdown initialisation problems on the forums

    >Code base at a higher standard: Are you declaring all your variables to be global? Are >you using upvalues to improve code efficiency?

    Well I've just started with Lua but i am am an experienced developer. I just started out hacking something up with a goal to get something up and running end to end quickly and then refactor as i learned. This is why I marked my project as experimental and releases as alpha, I wasn't submitting my project for code review at such an early stage. It seems to me anyhow that a poor coding standard would be reason to gate something at alpha rather remove from the community.

    >Documentation: Project must have decent documentation outlining what the
    >AddOn does.

    Well I only created the project so i haven't commenced a large documentation effort yet as its not near release.

    >Repositories: You must use a repository; file uploads are disallowed.

    I do

    >Libraries: Hard-embedding libraries into your repository is unacceptable; use a
    >properly-defined .pkgmeta file instead.

    I didn't

    As I said already i don't really mind, I just found it confusing. What I'm inferring from these guidelines is that Wowace is not a place start projects, but rather a place to move projects too once they are complete. Although I can't see much reason for moving as long as curseforge meets my needs, so I'm left wondering how any project actually ends up at wowace.

    Anyhow thats my comments, I hope they didn't sound critical, they were not intended as such, I'm perfectly happy with the curseforge service and i'm aware how much effort it takes to maintain and moderate all these sorts of things

    thanks for your help
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    I started two new projects on wowace last week: "Enhanced say" a tiny project mostly complete and "Exit Stage Left" a larger project still in very early development.

    They got approved yesterday but they were also moved to curseforge. I don't really mind I guess as i just wanted somewhere to host the project and syndicate to curse, but I guess i just want to understand why it happened and can't seem to find anything clear about it on the site.

    Can anyone enlighten me, as i say i don't really mind, just curious.

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