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    Quote from Aristoteles
    the target debuff timer is showsing debuffs of everyone with same size thus making it really hard to isolate your own debuffs. can this be fixed. at least right now personal debuffs are push to the 1st row and one can manage with that...

    changed xperl core lua from

    if (isWoW3dot1) then


    if (true) then

    ideally that if check shouldnt be there at all since everyone will be on 3.1 and now 3.2.

    local isWoW3dot1 = select(2,GetBuildInfo()) >= "9614"
    probably not working since build number has gone down with patch number being bumped.

    I can confirm the big debuff target limit issue. I think there is already a ticket written about it as well and numerous posts on Curse about it.
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    Quote from jaesun »

    1. Option to detach from minimap (so i can put it on my Fubar instead) doesnt work. it's "permachecked" and does nothing. Thus, whenever I change option to align it on whatever side (left, center, right), it gives an error.
    2. aoe mode doesn't seem to work. single target looks to work. but when i go to aoe mode, no bars show up, nothing shows up. I can go to options and see the test bars, but outside of that, screen is blank. (i think this has been reported already though)

    I agree with what you said. Pretty much exactly.

    I also agree with alot of the other posts here. There are multiple bugs and issues. The highest priority one should be that threat is not registering correctly. On fights such as gruul tank aggro is not displaying at all.

    The most frustrating thing for me though is autocollapse. Auto collapse totally isn't working for me. I have omen set to display the top ten people causing threat, so the box gets pretty big in size. Once the fight is over, the bars disappear, but the omen window still stays the same size blocking out a large portion of my screen. I keep omen right up top, to the right of whatever im targeting, and that huge window hanging there gets annoying.

    I have found though of you go into omen config, unlock and then re-lock the omen window in place, it will shrink back down to its proper size.

    Thanks for a sick mod though, I would be even more lost in raids than I am without omen.

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