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    type /suf
    expand Unit configuration
    select Raid
    go to the Indicators tab
    select Dungeon Role
    enable Enable indicator

    You might have to fiddle with the coordinates a bit.
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    I recently decided to try an alternative to X-Perl, and after checking a couple of addons out, I decided to give SUF a try.

    Overall, I love the customization it offers, as well as the option to link frames to each other. There are however a few issues I came across:

    In the Pet section, on the Bars tab, there is an option called "Enable Guardian bar", but these options aren't selectable. (The option is also available on the Player tab, where it works fine.)

    If you select all frames in the Global section, and make some changes, several options aren't applied to all sections.
    - The "Show Heal Absorb" settings on the Bars tabs aren't applied correctly to the main tank targets.
    - The "Cast bar" settings on the Bars tab aren't applied correctly to most targets (Pet target, Party targets, Focus target, etc...), except the player target.

    I used to run a separate addon for the main tank list, but since SUF seems to support it's own main tank list, I gave it a try, but ran into several issues:
    - Is there a way to show Main Tank Target of Target? Highly useful to see if tanks have aggro on their current mobs.
    - Is there a way to show all the characters with the Tank role, instead of or in addition to the characters assigned as Main Tank?

    Finally, I've been trying out a bunch of settings, but I cannot figure out a way to dynamically link something to the Raid frames. When I link my Focus frame to the Party frames, the Focus frame automatically moves up and down when I invite or uninvite players, but I cannot mirror that functionality with the Raid frames. Whenever I link something to the raid frames, that frame's top left corner becomes equal to the raid frame's top left corner.

    My raid frames are currently set up as:
    - Separate raid frames enabled.
    - Row offset 17
    - Row growth down
    - Column spacing 0
    - Column growth right
    - Groups per row 8
    - Group row spacing 0
    - Sort method index
    - Sort order ascending
    - Groups to show all enabled

    - Scale 100%
    - Height 35
    - Width 113
    - Anchor point bottom left
    - Anchor to screen
    - X offset 0
    - Y offset 1200

    My resolution is 1920x1200, so those settings place them nicely in the top left corner as 8 groups next to each other, and I like how that looks. What I want to do is have the Raid pets show up directly right of the Raid frames. For example, in a 10 man raid, they should show up where Group 3 would normally be, but in a 25 man raid, they should show up where Group 6 would normally be. Is there a way to achieve this?

    Thanks for all the great work! It's a pretty cool addon. :)

    Also, I just noticed that while the bar to show the duration of Raise Dead works fine, the bar that shows the duration of GoAK doesn't show up. I tried Prot and Ret.

    EDIT: I found another issue with the Party/Raid settings. There is an option that allows you to show the Party instead of the Raid in a raid with 5 or less people. However, there are two issues here:

    1) If the Raid Frames are hidden because the raid has 5 or less players, the Raid Pet Frames are still there, which is rather annoying if these are in more or less the same location as the Party Frames. Two possible solutions:
    - When the Raid Frames are hidden, because there are 5 or less players in the raid, also hide the Raid Pet Frames.
    - Give the Raid Pet Frames their own settings to be hidden with 5 or less players.

    2) If there are 5 or less players in the raid, but these aren't all in the same group, the Raid Frames are hidden, but you only see the people in your own party, and not people in another party in the raid. I realized this after not getting any loot from quest mobs, while I could see neither my party frames, nor my raid frames. Found out there was some offline guy in another group in the raid. Two possible solutions:
    - When there are 5 or less players in the raid, show all players as if they're in your party.
    - Change the settings to show the party frames instead of the raid frames when groups 2-8 are empty, so they only activate when everyone is in group 1.
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    Question, what's the new option in Pally Power doing exactly? The dumb assignment option. I tagged it on, but I'm still getting warnings that some players have weird blessings assigned to them. It happens quite often when there's no paladin with 2/2 wisdom in the raid, but there is a shaman with 2/2 mana spring. We don't assign wisdom in that case, and RBS doesn't seem to like it.

    Not a big issue, but I expected that option to remove the warnings.
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    Thanks for making a very useful addon.

    However, I have a question about pets. Why are they a separate class? Almost all pets have a class assigned to them, and having pets from different classes that use different buffs can be quite annoying.

    For example. Think of a raid with 2 paladins, a warrior, a hunter and a warlock. The warlock uses imp. Let's assume one paladin does kings on everyone (no problem there), and the other paladin does might or wisdom, depending on the class. Naturally, Warriors get might, and Warlocks get wisdom. But what about the pets?

    If we set the pets to might (since the hunter pet would like that), then when buffing the imp with might, all warlocks get might as well. Likewise, setting the pets to wisdom will buff the warriors with wisdom when the hunter pet gets it.

    Of course we could assign no buff at all in the pally power setting, but then there's quite a chance the pets won't have any blessing put on them, which can be a waste.

    Would it be possible to sort pets under the class the blessings count them as? IE, if a pet shares blessings with the warriors, file that pet under warriors for the sake of blessings?

    Greetings, Thels.
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    Quote from cremor
    Many Holy Paladins with Prot subspec use Righteous Fury on fights were there is no risk to get healing aggro to reduce incoming damage, so this wouldn't be very good. Maybe if it only warns for Ret.

    Hmm, you could be right there, yes. Indeed maybe for Retri only.
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    Awesome addon you got here, Daniel.

    I was using TankWarnings in times past, but since it stopped updating, and Hand of Reckoning wasn't supported, I had to search for a different addon to do the trick. Searching on Curse, I came across RBS, and was amazed at what more it did. Been using it ever since, and enjoying all the new stuff that's been added to it in the recent months (with the exception of nagging about Pally Power settings).

    I have a few minor details that I think would improve it. I made tickets for them, before I found out there's also a forum for it, my apologies for that.

    The prompt for missing Vigilances is pretty clear, but the prompt for missing Focus Magics is not, and often confuses the mages. Is there a possibility to give Focus Magic the output that Vigilance has?

    It would also be awesome to indicate who are currently buffed with Vigilance/Focus Magic, when prompting raid chat/whispers, so the tanks/mages then know "oh, that's the person I'm assigned to, so I did buff it" or "oh, the person I'm assigned to is not on that list, so I'm going to buff now".

    Would it be possible to indicate non-tank paladins running around with Righteous Fury? I've had the occasion where a Ret pala accidentally had Righteous Fury buffed on himself, overaggroed and killed himself. It comes up less often now that Pally Power has one setting per talent spec, but it still happens.

    Likewise, would it be possible to, instead of a "DK Presence", have a Frost Presence for Tank DKs and a Blood/Unholy Presence for DPS DKs, so DKs that switch roles aren't accidentally in the wrong Presence?

    Lastly, would it be possible to include more than Fel Armor for Warlocks? There are reasons to use Demon Armor for certain fights.

    Thanks for making this great addon.

    Greetings, Thels.
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