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    Hello, Adirelle!

    Please to meet you! Out of all the bag addons out there, yours is by far my favorite. I just downloaded tonight, and already, I feel a could of frustration lifted from my shoulders. However, after some searching, I could not find the options to do a few things, and if any member could point in the right direction, it'd be much appreciated.

    1. How to make section without associating category?

    I made another "Section" by manually filtering and drag-dropping an item and naming the section. However, a drop-down menu asks me which category I want associated with these items. I do no want any category associated. I just want those items lumped together--without lumping an additional category.

    2. How to reorder a section?

    For example, say I have hearthstone, fishing pole, and fishing lure in the section I made. How can I move those items into that order, respectively? If I try to override the automatic ordering, the items just pop back into place. (Would like to be able to put certain items in order for some groups)


    This one really kills me. I have quests and trade goods (read:stuff to sell) at the top of the window and my section (one that I want to access quickly) at the bottom. Haven't found a way to reorder the sections.

    4. Bag slot number?

    Not sure if this is a feature that I can't find or a request for a feature: when displaying tooltip upon modifer keydown, to be able to see the slot number of blizzard bag. For example, 2nd slot in backpack is 0 2. This would help with my macros for equipping weapons/fishing pole/attaching lures/consuming consumables, etc.

    Thanks again for writing such a great addon, Adirelle!
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