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    The beta version didn't appear when I typed /proximo test (I tried several times). I can only assume that it's somewhere offscreen due to the new scaling system.

    My modified target scripts look quite different:

    button:SetAttribute(type, "/target []"..name.."\n/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage('Targeting "..name.."')")
    elseif option == "focus" then
    button:SetAttribute(type, "/target []"..name.."\n/focus\n/targetlasttarget")
    elseif option == "spell" and spell and spell ~= "" then
    button:SetAttribute(type, "/target []"..name.."\n/cast "..spell)

    The [] is essentially a no-op, but somehow it works around a bug in the macro system. Someone on the EU mage forum posted the tip, IIRC. I'm pretty sure I tried [target=name] style targeting too and didn't get it to work, but maybe it would have also needed an extra []. My other macros work fine without any tricks like that.

    The AddMessage is there just for debugging.
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    posted a message on Proximo 2.0 - Simple Arena Unit Frames
    I had problems getting Proximo working in arenas after 2.2. The scripts for the secure frames would change, but the /target wouldn't work. Using the test mode outside arenas was working correctly.

    I then added [] after /target for both the focus and target macro and now it's working correctly in arenas.

    Has anyone else had the same problem? Apparently adding a seemingly worthless [] can make non-functional macros and scripts work correctly again in 2.2.

    Also, a small tip: if you change the test frame target names to first names of NPCs near you (say in Shattrath), you can use the test frame with real targets.

    Thanks for writing Proximo.
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