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    I have Paid for Premium Curse for the last 5 years, however, this year 2015 I paid for my premium Curse Subscription again and then was notified the next day that Mac Computers would no longer get updates from Curse add ons. Why am i no longer important ??. I own a Mac computer and will never own anything other than Mac again, and I am pretty disappointed and mad that Curse has betrayed me in this way, but it's no longer the day that customers matter, once a company has made a decision to change something they just change it without the regards for how it may affect some people. I used to love Curse but now over half of the add ons I have no longer work in the game for me. Does anyone know of an add on client that works for a Mac? I mean WOW operates on Mac, and when I had quit WOW before I had written them a letter expressing the necessity of the add ons, and told them I was quitting WOW because I didn't like how they were expressing concerns of people using add ons in the game and they were about to start banning add-on use. Now years later I had started playing WOW again in 2011and was excited to see that Curse now had been integrated into the game so well and for 4 years I have enjoyed that. BUT on year 5 I pay for premium Curse then learn they don't care about Mac users anymore and would no longer update for us.:mad:>:(>:(
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