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    Don't know wich browsers you use, but on Firefox and Chrome it doesn't look good.
    Copied the code and edited it in browser just to make it more readable.
    Edited it, so now it's with tabs instead of spaces.
    There is one difference in the code however, added brackets in the two AND OR statements.

    "a AND b OR c" to "a AND ( b OR c)"
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    first, your code is difficult to read formatted this way.
    Changed it to make it a bit more readable:

    if index == 1 then
    	if configmode then
    	if self.Direction == "UP" then      		--fragment1
    		bar:SetPoint("BOTTOM", self) 
    	elseif self.Direction == "RIGHT" then
    		bar:SetPoint("LEFT", self) 
    	elseif self.Direction == "LEFT" then
    		bar:SetPoint("RIGHT", self) 
    		bar:SetPoint("TOP", self) 
    else												--fragment2	
    	if self.Direction == "UP" then
    		bar:SetPoint("BOTTOM", bars[id][index-1], "TOP", 0, self.Spacing) 
    	elseif self.Direction == "RIGHT" then
    		bar:SetPoint("LEFT", bars[id][index-1], "RIGHT", self.Mode == "ICON" and (self.Spacing or value.data.barWidth+self.Spacing), 0) 
    	elseif self.Direction == "LEFT" then
    		bar:SetPoint("RIGHT", bars[id][index-1], "LEFT", self.Mode == "ICON" and (-self.Spacing or -(value.data.barWidth+self.Spacing)), 0) 
    		bar:SetPoint("TOP", bars[id][index-1], "BOTTOM", 0, -self.Spacing) 

    I think there is a problem with the AND OR statements, like this expression:
    "self.Mode == "ICON" and -self.Spacing or -(value.data.barWidth+self.Spacing)"

    AND has a higher precedence than OR so what it does is "( a and b) or c ".
    I think what you want is "a and ( b or c)".

    So I propose to use brackets:
    "self.Mode == "ICON" and (-self.Spacing or -(value.data.barWidth+self.Spacing))"

    Have no time to test it, but I hope this brings you a bit further.
    Good luck.
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    posted a message on Locales, need translation help
    Ok, I'll do that, I'm new to this, didn't know about localization system.
    Thanks for your quick reply.
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    posted a message on Locales, need translation help
    Hi, I'm working on a beta project, PKBlow.
    I want to implement localization and for that I need some help.
    I need translations in all available languages (german, french, chinese, russian etc).
    Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me out ;)

    Did what Phanx adviced me, so if anyone want to translate phrases for pkblow, please visit
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    posted a message on PKBlow - Official Thread

    I released a beta version of PKBlow, an addon that keeps track of your killing blows.

    This addon keeps track of your killing blows.

    It lists killed players, the total killing blows you landed on them and the killing blows since last login.

    The list can show kb's on a specific class or realm and you can search for a specific player.

    Optional (toggle in optionsmenu):

    • Show kills on player in mouseover tooltip.
    • Play Quake sounds when landing killing blows. (firstblood, doublekill etc)
    • Show/hide minimapbutton. (ldb-launcher).
    • Announce killing blows in chatframe.
    • Do emote on killing blow. List in options panel to choose one or more emotes from.
    • If more then one emote is choosen, choosen emotes are used random on killing blow. Default set to "hug".

    Open the PKBlow window by
    • Slashcommand: /pkb or /pkblow .
    • LDB-launcher: displays as minimapbutton or displays in any LDB-display (titanpanel, ninjapanel, chocolatbar, bazooka, minimapbuttonframe...)



    You can download it at http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/pkblow.aspx

    I tested it thoroughly but if you encounter any bugs
    please report them here:


    This addon is now in beta, so every comment or suggestion is welcome :)
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