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    Hi, thanks for this great algorithm & addon! I would like to propose a new function to edit given routes or even create own routes. Sometimes, I just don't like many of the random results all that much, or add a short-cut here and there. If I could eventually run these edited routes through your random optimizations again, that would be incredibly awesome!

    Another nice feature would be compatibility with the Carbonite map addon. Currently, routes won't show up on that map. Don't know if this is the fault of Routes or Carbonite though. edit: I just looked very closely again, and it sure seems like Carbonite displays the route after all, but just 1 pixel thick and very hard to see. None of Routes' 3 thickness sliders seems to adjust this line right there. Damn!

    One more thing, would be nice to access the addon's interface through the normal game interface menu, where all other addons are listed, not having to type /routes every time.
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