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    posted a message on unsupported url

    I've been getting unsupported url error on dominos for sometime  and now I'm getting it with Move Anything as well  and both failed to update

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    posted a message on Cast Interrupted sound add-on
    Wolf Interrupted add-on still works for 6.0.3

    I love it because it 'loudly' informs me that I've moved mid cast and accidentally interrupted my cast...

    you download it and just key in /wi to turn it off or on and you can set up your own sounds via

    /wi own Interface\AddOns\PowerAuras\Sounds\sound.ogg
    Type that exactly replacing sound.ogg with the sound you want to use I use phone.ogg

    Looks like this might use power auras ??? I don't know. Most people use weak auras now. Maybe that was used because I was already using power aura sounds?

    This add-on was not clear on how to use or what it did so if you do re-install it maybe someone could fix that, because I really like this add-on.
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