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    posted a message on Idea:Broker Raid status feed
    I'm looking for a small, but informative way to show up our raid's actual status like XRS did.
    A broker data feed with Offline/Dead/Afk comes to my mind, but I am unable to create such things :)

    XRS stopped working with patch 4.01 and is discontinued since...(longtime^^)
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    posted a message on Skada: a damage meter
    In the latest revision you can disable the percentage values.

    Oh I love this option, thank you!
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    posted a message on Skada: a damage meter
    I'm quite enjoying Skada, thanks for this mod.

    Would you mind to add an option to hide the % in the damage overview, I know this has been requested already. It looks 'cleaner' without the %values :)

    Right know I get around this with deleting the line
    ..(" (%02.1f%%)"):format(player.damage / set.damage * 100)
    from the damage overview section, but I'd prefer an options instead of a hack :)
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    posted a message on XRaidStatus
    Sorry to hijack this thread but....I'm looking for a talent-scan Raidstatus, too.

    Until now I used Ax_Raidstatus, but it hasn't been updated since last year, and the talentscan option shows me an error.
    But the possibility to assign people manually is still working fine, so I'm using this as a workaround.

    RBS looks very fine, but much too overpowered for what I am searching.
    Is it possible to just show the statusbars without all the flask/buff/taunt checks?

    Conditioner does not enough :)

    Thank you
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    posted a message on Inline Aura - display aura information inside action buttons
    What rounding method are you using?
    I'm using Macaroon which shows Dot's cooldowns on target but the seconds get 'rounded up too much' (don't know how to explain), so my dot's show a longer duration as they really have.
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    posted a message on How to 'delay' an addon loading?
    A mod I am using is parented to my minimap frame, but as I changed the placement of the minimap to the bottom, the other addon locks itself to the top-right corner.
    I have an option to re-type 'parent to minimap' in the addon, but I don't want to type it everytime I log on.

    Is there a way to load a specific addon after another? Create some kind of loading order? Or just tell the addon to load some seconds later?
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    posted a message on DogTag Questions Go Here
    Is there an existing DogTag for my pet's current attack power? Or a way to create one?
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    posted a message on Broker_Casterstats
    Thanks for the plugin.
    Just a small request: Would it be possible to add an option to switch between % and raw numbers for hit/haste/crit display?
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    posted a message on Broker Caster Stats?
    Is there a Broker Module which displays Spellpower/haste/Crit/hit?
    The only one I've found was for ranged or melee...

    Thank you if you know of such a mod.
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    posted a message on Req: Broker Pet stats (warlock)
    I am looking for a Databroker plugin which show my current pet's Attack power and Haste rating.
    I've used a modified StatsBlock_MeleeStats.lua to quick hack the display for my pet, but it is no longer functionallly.

    Hunter pet stats don't work for my demon.
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