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    Quote from Azethoth
    So what exactly do you need to set it to?

    As a tank, i guess 30 yards are fine and 40 for healers like already said.

    It is like some sort of a ready check, where is everybody and can I pull some mobs. Maybe the instanze maps make this obsolete, but I always thought range alpha in Grid makes it a little easier.
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    It looks like changing distance/yards for the range indicator is not possible anymore, at least not in the options menu ingame, right?

    Was quite handy as raid leader and tank.
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    Great addon so far! I come across some ideas lately that could make loot administration during raids a little easier.

    While you relog (no reloadui) or a d/c crosses your path the active raid becomes inactive and a new raid is being created. This is a little unfortunate because you have to import two raids later on. A continue raid option to an already existing raid in the tracker would be nice.
    Auto create new raid on new raid zone?

    Naxx for example is quite easy and many items find a new owner at one evening. If I click on one member of my raid I can see it's class race etc, but is it possible to show the items this member obtained in this raid? Looking through a long list and find to items is quite...annoying especially when everybody forgets on what and how much he/she/it spents their dkp...
    Or a sort by name or something option in the loot window.
    Or color the looter's name.

    Resize the whole frame at all?

    If the loot window pops up, possible to add a hover tooltip over the actual item that it's cost is being asked for?

    Just some thoughts...
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