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    Here is a macro I use to hide the blizzard frames
    /script CastingBarFrame:UnregisterAllEvents()
    /script PetCastingBarFrame:UnregisterAllEvents()
    /script PlayerFrame:Hide()

    These lines can also be inserted into DaHud:OnEnable(), but i prefer not to edit the code too much (since all changes will be deleted on the next update)

    To hide the target frame open DaHud.lua and insert TargetFrame:Hide() in DaHud:PLAYER_TARGET_CHANGED()

    Hope this helps until a real solution comes
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    posted a message on Omen - Bug Reports and Suggestions
    As for bloodboil there is something funny about threat for shadow priests.

    If i just keeps sw:p+ve up in normal fase and then allout in enrage fase, then i have often aggro get aggro when the fase ends.

    I am below all tanks when enrage starts, and have aggro when it ends.

    It might be VE healing, but its quite hard to any real tests.
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    It's nice improvement. They removed most of the loot lag, and the 10sec freeze when you moved a frame over the inventory frame.

    It's a very nice performance improvement, but I dont think he made changes to memory useag
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    My EngBags use more than 7MB memory, and it totally ruins my goal of having an effective mod pack.
    I've tried several alternatives, but nothing has come close.

    I cannot play without this.

    If anyone wants to create an alternative i suggest starting from scracth.
    Enginv code is scarry
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