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    posted a message on Routes: Official Thread
    Routes is broken in 4.0.3a, filed a ticket, just posting FYI.
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    posted a message on BadBoy: An extremely minimal spam blocker & reporter
    Using v4.0.0.4
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    posted a message on ButtonFacade (was LibButtonSkin-1.0)
    I'd like to give a bit of feedback on the Profiles feature of this addon, since I've switched over to BF from cyCircled and found a frustrating problem with having to reset every single alt's skins.

    The Profile feature is either broke, or just extremely non-intuitive. I tried clicking on everything to get my "main" BF profile to copy to alts, and nothing would work. There is no "save" option, so its a crapshoot and a guess as to what profile my changes are being saved under. I figured it was the Existing box, and you would assume its the "charactername <server>", but I found no indication that it was. I thought, ok, maybe its the default. Nope. I tried "server", and nothing. The only thing chosing different profiles in the Existing box did, was change the options in the Copy box. Choosing the Copy box also did nothing.

    I got worried that I'd maybe copied over my main profile and ruined it, so I went back to the main profile and it was still set okeedokee fine.

    Maybe this is a problem of the Ace profile feature, (which I absolutely hate and feel is the worst profile design I have ever seen in a WoW addon... sorry I had to vent, but its a frustrating overbloated PITA) but I wanted to report this issue with being able to copy a BF profile, just in case its a bug with Button Facade.
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    posted a message on Mapster: Official Thread
    The Fog Clear feature is causing Alphamap to completely fog, all zones, no matter if explored or not. World Map still works fine, but Alphamap will not display properly until either the Fog Clear feature is turned off, which disables the fog clearing from the World Map. I asked the Alphamap author and he said:
    Originally posted by Telic
    Sadly, all the "Fog" clearing AddOns like MFWM, Carto's Foglight, MetaMapFWM, and Mapster's version, all need to hook some pretty basic Blizzard map drawing routines.

    MFWM's routines are parameterised so that they can draw the map textures on any frame, such as AlphaMap - while the other's are not afaik.

    If you wanna pester the Mapster authorto allow other AddOns to use its fog clearing then let me know, and I'll update AlphaMap

    Mapster Fog Clear = OFF

    Mapster Fog Clear = ON

    Mapster shouldn't be causing Alphamap's zone maps to completely "fog" like the second picture.
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    posted a message on AutoBar by Toadkiller (official thread)
    Quote from Toadkiller »

    All right then we have a suspect. If you have the black button thing is it because you also use cyCircled? Does anyone have black buttons without cyCircled?

    I use cyCirc and not seen any blackbuttons yet.

    Quote from Toadkiller »
    No. Cat form activates gcd so u need to click twice if you are not in cat yet.

    Only coming OUT of a form is instant. So for instance if you are in bear you can come out of bear (no gcd) and instantly go cat, which triggers gcd.

    AHHhhh ok, that makes sense. I forgot about the GCD. It seems redundant to the other Catform button, but I'll play with it and decide if I want to kill that button for myself.

    Quote from Toadkiller »
    No it is also designed to toggle stealth mode. The 2nd part in fact is simply Prowl and not as reported.

    Yea, that was my bad, its not the actual macro line. Before I posted here, I did a Search on this forum to see if the Prowl issue had been discussed, and I found a post with your update notes from October-ish '07 and just quoted the lines from your post.
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    posted a message on AutoBar by Toadkiller (official thread)
    -- /cast [nostance] Cat Form; [stealth] Prowl

    Is this button supposed to cause my druid to go to Cat form then immediately into Prowl mode? If so, its not firing Prowl correctly. I just go into Cat form, thats it. I noticed last night that I have two "catform" buttons, one has the Prowl and the other does not, but it doesn't seem to work.
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    posted a message on ZOMGBuffs Official Thread
    -English(US) client.
    -Logged in level 6 Paladin for first time in about a week.
    -Also occurs on level 1 Paladin, freshly created and logged in for first time.
    -WAU run within last hour, uses Default Mode: No Externals, Automatic Dependency Download.
    -Error was immediate on login of the Paladins.
    -Occurs on no other classes/characters, regardless of level, just get error on the Paladins. (I have no Paladins over level 10 atm)
    -Does reproduce after logout and login of Paladins
    -Error still occurs after deleting ZOMG lua files, global and character on the Paladins.

    Date: 2008-04-20 05:36:54
    ID: 1
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ..\AddOns\ZOMGBuffs\ZOMGBuffs.lua line 1779:
      attempt to index field 'talentSpecs' (a nil value)
     <Removed all but ZOMG for brevity of post>
     ZOMGBuffs, v70452
     ZOMGBuffsBlessingsManager, v$Revision: 68049 $
     ZOMGBuffsBlessings, v$Revision: 68049 $
     ZOMGBuffsLog, v$Revision: 68018 $
     ZOMGBuffsBuffTehRaid, v$Revision: 65891 $
     ZOMGBuffsSelfBuffs, v$Revision: 68049 $

    I think that covers about all info I can provide. I assume that its reproducable on any newbie Paladin, but not sure about a Paladin > level 10 since I do not have one.
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    posted a message on Skinner
    Quote from Jncl »


    Skinned GFW_HuntersHelperUI (as requested by Lurker), LinkWrangler (as requested by X-buZZ), NicheCombatConfig, Trinity2, TrinityBars2 (as requested by griddark)

    Updated the following skins with standardised Tooltip code:
    AceProfit, AdvancedTradeSkillWindow, ArkInventory, Ash_DoTimer, AtlasLoot, AucExtras, AutoProfitX, AxuItemMenus, Bonuses, CT_RaidAssist, Earth, EngBags,
    EnhTooltip, FactionGrinder, FlightMap, ForteWarlock, HealBot, ItemDB, ItemRack, ItemSync, Junk, KC_Items, LightHeaded, LinkHeaven, LootLink, LootLink_Orig,
    MailTo, Mirror, MobileFrames, MultiTips, NotesUNeed, Planner, RABuffs, Sanity2, ShieldLeft, Skillet, SW_Stats, tekKompare, TipBuddy, TipTac, TomTom

    This will hopefully fix any issues with tooltip backgrounds as reported by Xed amongst others.

    On login getting error:
    "Interface\\AddOns\\Skinner\\SkinMe\\HealBot.lua:6: Cannot access key \"HealBot_ScanTooltip\" in db table. You may want to use db.profile[\"HealBot_ScanTooltip\"]",

    I assume its related to the green highlighted parts of your post. (I do not monitor any of my posts for replies)
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    posted a message on Plz Fix Pitbull Profiles!
    Quote from Seerah »

    Yeah, I can use profiles just fine with PitBull, too. "It doesn't work" isn't descriptive enough to get help or get a bug fixed, anyway.

    The problem is, that we don't KNOW enough to give much information about problems with the Ace Profile system. I find the Layout/Profile save/load/copy/whatever system that Ace has, to be difficult and confusing, and any documentation/Help on how to work with it is difficult, if not impossible to find unless you spend hours googling and keyword searching forums for the rare "hint" that a kind person-in-the-know has answered for some other poor suffering soul.

    Expectations of us normal users for Profiles are simple:
    1. Obvious method of saving a profile after spending HOURS working on one. (there is none, its just a "hope it saved")
    2. Obvious method of loading a saved profile to a new character. Hey, if we gotta reload the UI, then make that obvious with some text or something next to the "copy profile" area.

    How are we supposed to know what the difference between "Realm: Shandris - Alliance" and "Character - Shandris" and "Default" are, much less which one of those are settings were "automagically" saved to? What is the difference between "Choose" and "Copy"? What is "locking Pitbull" before we log out? I set the Config back to Disabled, but still lost my settings after logout. Was that "locking" as someone recommended earlier? (Maybe it was in another thread.)

    I spent the last 4 hours configuring Pitbull on one character, and when I log in to try to "copy" to an alt character, it seemed to work, then somehow reset itself for that character after I set configuration back to Disable, or so I thought.

    So I exit the game entirely, and when I log into the main character that I created the first profile on... I find that hours of work are gone, its reset back to Default.

    Ok, sure I deleted a couple of profiles, but I deleted nothing that "appeared" to have anything to do with my Main character... just the one that was named for the Alt character, and the "Realm" ones... and I deleted them from the Alt toon, not the Main toon.

    But the main character ***should*** have been saved under its own name. I don't know, because I have no idea what Profile name it saved under, much less which one to even load. (yea I logged in and out many many times)

    So.... are Profiles working OK? I guess so, if you people say it is. I wouldn't know if its broke or not, to be honest.. because after 3 days, I STILL haven't figured out how it works. I can't get Satrina's Buffs to work with the chat commands, and she admits that even she's not sure how Ace's profile copying system works.

    Is my problem Operator error? Yea, I'm pretty sure it is, but WTF... I still have not found any obvious docs or walkthroughs about Profile useage in Ace, and the current GUI is not intuitive and CASUAL user friendly.

    I expect a learning curve. I understand that addon devs spend a lot of time on their addons. But users spend a lot of time trying to work with the addons, and the problem here is that working with Ace profiles are not user friendly, with no FAQ available to help explain the confusing process.

    Hell, I don't know how many Ace Addon Authors have linked instructions to their Addon to the WoWAce Wiki, only to click on it and realize that no one has input anything into it yet.

    All the average user wants to do, is find an addon that looks like we might find useful, install it, configure it in a reasonable amount of time and effort, and play the game. We do NOT want to have to dig elbow deep into the code and innerworkings of various libraries and pages of forum threads, just to do something as simple as Saving, Copying, and Loading a profile from character to character.

    I can sympathize with the OP, his frustration and his inability to give any information on his Profile issue... because I feel the same way. Its hard to go back and spend hours reconfiguring, without understanding how the "profile save" system works, and if it will work OK this time.
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    posted a message on Ace Updater - Empty Addon Index?
    Been getting this "Error loading addon list Object reference not set to an instance of an object." error all morning. The last time I was updated was yesterday. FYI I don't have any of the "suspect" addons mentioned above. It looks like I last updated the following when I hit my Ctrl-F7 key:
    Update started: AUTO externals (2/17/2008 2:10:02 PM)
    Temp Directory (C:\Documents and Settings\<USER>\Local Settings\Temp\WowAceUpdater), Skip Version Checks (False)
    Current addon snapshot saved to C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\WauBackups\backup000.xml.gz
    Updating from: [url]http://files.wowace.com/[/url]
    Cache age is 1 min. (TTL=10 min)
    AtlasLoot_BCInstances - Updated to rev WITH Externals 61784
    AtlasLoot_RepFactions - Updated to rev WITH Externals 61786
    AtlasLoot_SetsandPvP - Updated to rev WITH Externals 61787
    AtlasLoot_OldInstances - Updated to rev WITH Externals 61785
    AtlasLoot_WorldLoot - Updated to rev WITH Externals 61788
    AtlasLoot - Updated to rev WITH Externals 61775
    AutoBar - Updated to rev WITHOUT Externals 61718
    Babble-2.2 - Updated to rev WITHOUT Externals 61702
    Cartographer - Updated to rev WITH Externals 60609.28
    LibBabble-Spell-3.0 - Updated to rev WITHOUT Externals 61782
    LibSharedMedia-2.0 - Updated to rev WITHOUT Externals 61762
    FuBar_LocationFu - Updated to rev WITH Externals 60390.26
    LibTourist-3.0 - Updated to rev WITHOUT Externals 61761
    Quartz - Updated to rev WITHOUT Externals 61745
    Creating Change Summary

    All Temp caches are cleared, I use a privacy flush program.
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