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    Quote from Seerah »
    though I usually just use the map to create those, not commands.

    Thank you for your answers. I posted the same question in the German and French WoW boards, and I got the same answer. Even I got told there are no slash commands available - which is nonsence. I'm not surprised to hear things like this, as the slash commands exists but are not documented at all.

    I prefer the slash commands to use it in combination with makros "on the way" without wasting my and my groups time (especialy as I play on a PvP Server and standing still a few minutes to create notes open a few menues searching a loc with turning the mouse over the map is a 200% corpse run ;) But thanks anyway. I think I found enough commands to get around the first periode of time, even if 5 days of research is way to hard for a bounch of commands.

    If someone is able to help me with further informations ( /tloc seems to be same command then /way ) or could explain me how to search the slash commands inside the code it would be really apreacheated ;)
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    posted a message on Cartographer (Question about Slash commands)
    Thank you very much for your answer. I just downloaded the addons a few days ago and
    I'm a poor user, not an Expert in coding. I'm just looking for the slash commands to do my daily business ;)

    I'm asking only for things like /note xx,yy "Text" (which corresponds to /mn -qtloc xx;yy "Text" in the adon "Mapnotes"

    I know e.g.:
    /tloc (found with "try en error") for the waypoints
    /nt (addon note target) found in this forum

    The wiki is explaining how it works but not how to work with it ;) In 5 days I checked with google, all major forums, and even the comments of the hosting sides to find some bug reports or changes made related to slash commands to find some. How can I query the commands of the addons ingame as /cartographer doesn't retun a list of commands (like all the other addons which are not 100% GUI based) but the configuration menu. There is no "readme" no full "change logs" provided with the addons, even if all slash commands are mentiond in older postings, they are gone. Google search resulted in Wiki or single commands only (maybe my fault, using false keyword).

    I configured DUF (Discord unit frames) in a few hours and I got told is a hell to configure. Evertime I check the forums I hear about the great "Pitbul". I tried and removed Pitbul again after 1 week of configuration (unable to play) and didn't had 50% of the things done I would like to have in place.

    And I feel the same with Cartographer. What can I do with an addon when I don't know the commands to use it and if there are no list of commands or helpfiles (not even on one of the hosting sides) provided ? ;)

    Example for Mapnotes:
    Example for Gatherer:
    Example for Cartograper:

    You can see the difference ? All I need is a list of slash commands for Cartographer and its addons ;)

    Thank you again for your time and help.
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    posted a message on Cartographer (Question about Slash commands)
    Hi all,

    I'm sorry if this question has been answered already but I searched for days without any success. Maybe its me, maybe my keywords wasn't correct as my english isn't 100% ...

    I'm searching for the slash commands used in Cartographer (and sub addons) but beside a very little infos in some comments and old wish listes, I didn't found anything.

    I used Gatherer, Alpha-map, Mapnotes and a few other addons together which I would like to replace with the Cartographer system but I can't believe there is no equivalent available to organise the notes and settings with slash commands.

    Is there a list of slash commands for Cartographer available ? Unlike other addons /cartographer doesn't display a help (list of commands) but the configuration GUI, the Wiki for Cartographer (and each of the addons) speaks about the coding not the usage, so I'm really confused. I even tried to read the code for any hinds to search on, but with my little expirience in addon coding ... ;)

    So please, if you could help me with a link, a few usefull commands or even a few better Keywords to search with, it would make my way towards the ACE a lot easyer. Is it really just me ? :'(
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