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    Would be great if you can configure to ignore whisper or just to see them (with setting DnD). Sometimes I wanna reply some whispers even if I'm fighting bosses... I'd like also being able to set a custom message. Ofc, if feedback is welcome :)

    just switch to deadly boss mods, that's what i ended up doing. since i don't code lua hacking up the mod wasn't really an option for me. DBM has this built in already, even though it isn't ace I didn't seem to take too big of a fps/memory hit.

    this addon was made for people switching away from DBM, your post is useless.

    I'd consider the tone in this post to be far more useless.

    Criss, I too wish there was a simpler and cleaner solution. Perhaps one way of dealing with this is to use Answering Machine Plus http://wowui.incgamers.com/ui.php?id=3544 combined with DND/AFK so you don't see the messages but the mod records them for later consumption.
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    Also Bugged here.
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    Also do not have Zone levels shown with latest Cart addons.
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    Hello, in the latest release of Cartographer along with 2.1 the PVP Zone objectives are not being shown I.E Halaa / Hellfire Towers. Disabling Cartographer fixes this issue. This has been reported in the bug Trac but I thought I'd mention it here as well.
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