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    I hope this is the right place to post a request. I think I read a similar request awhile back but after a few minutes of searching through this epic thread I couldn't find it so I hope this isn't ill-received...

    Are there any plans to implement a feature similar to how CTRA deals with buffs? I can see how only defining a few buffs that you can cast is beneficial so those only show up, but as a raid leader I like to see what buffs people have overall, and the buffs aren't always the same due to composition. If I add several buffs (say all the pally buffs, as well as fort and gotw or something) the frame gets overloaded with buff icons and covers up the names. What I'd like to see is a (settable?) 'buff limit' for display (CTRA shows 4 max I believe) and a configurable/sortable priority list of buffs just like CTRA.

    I love sRaidFrames, and this is the only feature I really miss from CTRA. I'd be tickled pink if it came to fruition :)

    Thanks for all your hard work!
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