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    Quick question/short suggestion

    Is there any way to separate the player debuffs from the buffs?
    I'd like to have my buffs appear in the top right of my screen in the default location and my debuffs appear below my player unit frame. Is this possible? I couldn't find an option for it in the setup menu.

    I spent some time updating my UI yesterday, moving frames around and my original intention was to move my unit frame closer to the center of the screen so i didn't have to keep looking up to check my health/mana/focus and I was going to put my buffs above my unit frame and my debuffs below it but that didn't seem possible so I figured I'd be able to at least leave my buffs in the default location and move just my debuffs but i couldn't do that either. Could this be added in a future version of x-perl? I've been using your unit frames for years now and I really love them, I'd hate to have to start using some other unit frames just because there's an option they have that I want.
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