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    Playing with patched servers now, and I very confused. I've created the bars I had in Bongos2 before, but instead of using the bars as they are, I seem to be getting random buttons. I took advantage of the fact that in Bongos2, my first 12 button bar = the default blizzard bar, so if I ever had to play elsewhere, I still had things mostly how I wanted them. How do I set Bongos Bar 1 = blizzard bar 1?

    If I disable Bongos3, my battle stance, berserker stance, and defensive stance bars are all there. And in Bongos2 I could just say the page to flip to for them, and the same 'bars' would work whether I had a bar mod or not.. is this even possible now?

    Edit: Attaching a screenshot to show what I mean. In Wow 2.3/Bongos2, Bar 6 held what Bar 5/half of Bar 6 hold now, and so forth for the other bars.. but I never moved anything around before upgrading, and the bars still exist if I turn Bongos3 off. I just want to use these Bars as they are..

    I am having this same problem with my Druid. He is a Boomkin, and when I change forms, to cat or bear, my bar does not change. All of my regular caster bar1 stays the same, NO FLIP. and another thing is that NONE of my # keys work, when i try to Re-assign them it says that it is already assigned to CLICK bongos bar1... So im just confuzzled here. Nothing is working, yet Bongos2 works just fine... any help ... plz ???
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