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    Quote from N00bZXI »

    Displaying debuffs is broken for me.


    I had the same problem but I figured out a solution: http://www.wowace.com/forums/index.php?topic=1592.msg99917#msg99917

    If you don't fear editing a single line in the TinyTip source file you can easily fix the debuff problem.
    Quote from webstardp »

    It's in line 183 of file "TinyTipExtras\TinyTipIcons.lua". The old code line is missing a comma, so updating the old line
    _,_tmp,tmp2 = _G.UnitDebuff(unit, i, flag ~= 1)

    _,_,tmp,tmp2 = _G.UnitDebuff(unit, i, flag ~= 1)

    solves the problem and you can see the debuffs again. :)
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