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    And as an addendum to further reinforce the matter:

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    Quote from Rabbit »

    People spelling their name wrong shouldn't be possible any more (since quite some time ago), since all names are checked against the guild member list and the white list that you configure.

    Furthermore, you didn't really answer my question - why do you want to add/delete people later in a raid?

    The reason I ask is that I want to design NRT so that it can do everything automatically so that you don't HAVE to manually add and delete people.

    I would much rather do that than make add/delete functions available.

    There are various reasons raid leaders would like to be able to manually edit attendance records after they have been automatically tracked.

    Personally, I like the automatic tracking because it makes my job easier. And that's the goal in NRT. But I'd also like to manually edit the attendance for a few reasons.

    Firstly, I have a couple members that like to joke around and add random alts to the list that I'd have to manually edit out on our eqDKP page. Sure, one could suggest that I exhibit more control over my members. But any raid leader knows it's nearly impossible to prevent your members from joking around 100% of the time.

    Secondly, members sometimes have to go to the bathroom or take a phone call. And I think it's best they do this while they're on standby, rather than in the instance. But sometimes they'll come back just after the grace period. But, personally, for me, the grace period is rather flexible. As an example, the grace period to be added to RoS attendance would be something like 15 minutes, because there's a heap of trash before Mother. But the grace period for Illidan would only be something like a few minutes, because there is no trash at all. So it's a hassle for me to continuously edit the grace period for each boss. I'd rather just leave it at something like three minutes and manually edit people in if they come back a few minutes after.

    Finally, sometimes, I've seen members add their name to the list. But when it comes time to call on them to help us out, they actually aren't available. At this point, I want to remove them from attendance (for all the previous bosses they were on standby for). But I can't currently do that in-game. So, again, I have to keep a note on paper. But it'd be much easier if I could just do it on-the-spot in the game with NRT.

    So while you want to avoid anything that's not automatic, you have to consider that some guilds have wild cards that can't really be automatically considered without writing code for each individual guild. And this isn't really feasible, meaning an ability to manually make changes would actually be extremely helpful.
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