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    my english isnt the best hope u understand what i mean.^^

    is it posibble to make an onmouseover frame like friendfu

    | Instance |
    | (0) Ragefire |
    | (0) Walling Caverns |
    | |

    it is anoying to right click i dont use the auto join "not very much"

    or an other system.

    "the colors can be some other"

    |x| Quest
    | | Instance
    | | PVP

    Komment: "here u can enter the quests with shift click and other information"

    "sample for quest"
    [40+] Elende Magien
    [40+] zu den Waffen

    "sample Instance"
    [..] quest
    [..] quest
    need: Head of the god "or other item ..."

    the problem i see is the volume of data that must transfer over the channel

    Edit: the best would be an server integration by blizzard but i dont think they change it
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