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    posted a message on ElkBuffBars v2 (finally Ace3 version)
    It looks as though the latest version has broken running embedded so completely that the addon just doesn't load. No error messages, no weird behavior, but... no buff bars. It worked fine if I downloaded LibSharedMedia-3.0 separately, but I don't wish to do this. I did a little testing and located the line in embeds.xml that seems to be the problem (line 19):

    <include file="libs\LibSharedMedia-3.0\lib.xml/><br/> <br/> really ought to be<br/> <br/> <Include file="libs\LibSharedMedia-3.0\lib.xml/>

    Apparently the addon loading engine is very picky about the capitalization of the tag name (as it should be). With this change it works great without any extra external libraries. Incidentally, I have no idea if I'm actually getting the SharedMedia behavior, but at least the mod works now. Simple typo, simple fix.

    Also I noticed that a lot of the files in this mod begin with three nonsense characters that don't seem to affect their performance in any way. Does anyone know why?

    Damn nice addon, by the way. Replaced my last old CT addon.
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