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    Quote from gizmo1972 >>

    GetArchaeologyRaceInfo still returns a race Texture, its just not a path anymore, but a number.


    If anyone wants to fix it themselves until the author gets around to it, I fixed mine by doing the folowing:


    1. Find the line below in the Race.lua file.
    2. Add the following after it.
      local textureIds = {


    3. Find the line below in the Race.lua file.
      	local _, _, textureName = ("\\"):split(raceTexturePath)
    4. Change it to this.
      	local _, _, textureName = ("/"):split(textureIds[raceTexturePath])

      I havent tested it completely, but it seems to be working correctly with the little testing I did, hopefully the author is still around to fix it, if I missed something.

     Thanks! Gizmo I can confirm it worked for me...
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