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    your main bar will change.

    Don't use paged bars
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    Quote from Gagorian »

    DPS to DPSC shouldn't change for those abilities?

    you're right, they're the same. I meant per cooldown :blush:

    Fixed the DPM issue in the latest.


    DPS in melee module is mostly useless (DPS values aren't really as well defined, should it be based on GCD, cooldown, energy regeneration or what? Nothing is really spammed like casters.). I guess for the paladin seals calculated through the melee module DPS display would be useful but it's of minor priority to add.

    I was editing my post while you answered, doh !
    It's especially useful for tankadins, DPS(CD) of judgement, Hammer of wrath etc as it's a direct equivalent to threat per second.

    I've fixed the libram issue in the latest.

    nice :-)

    What does your code change suggestion do? (If -- is plus it doesn't change a thing?)

    Regardless what one-handed weapon I equip, the tooltip min damage always seemed to be exactly bonus/2 to low.
    EDIT: I take that back, the numbers are way off when I equip a faster/slower high dps weapon. Need to research that a bit more.
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    Heya, regarding paladin spells: (r63170)

    (Caster-Actionbar-Display settings)
    The tooltip damage does not change between DPS/DPS(C) for Judgement, Hammer of Wrath, Exorcism and Avenger's Shield.
    Edit: clarification, I'm actually asking for an actionbar DPS(CD) for those spells.

    Setting DPM does not show any value for Seal Of Righteousness.
    (this may sound unimportant, but it's shown in the tooltip but not on the actionbar)

    Is there any chance to add a DPS option for the Melee-Actionbar-Display ?

    The damage added to Seal of Righteousness by ItemID 33504 Libram of Divine Purpose seems to be added on top of everything by the addon,
    while the swings in reality get much less bonus damage of it.

    To provide some numbers:
    Equipping the libram changes the damage from 135-136 to 151-152 per hit (combat log)
    while the tooltip numbers change from 131-132 to 246-247.
    (using a 1.8s, 41.1dps one-handed mace and 482 spelldmg)

    By any means poke me if you need anything paladin related tested,
    I really enjoy using your addon :-)

    Edit: btw, using bartender3

    I think this is the fix for the Paladin.LUA:

    during the code part

    self.DmgCalculation["Seal of Righteousness"] = function( calculation, _, _, spell )

    there's the lines
    		if IsEquippedItem( 33504 ) then --Libram of Divine Purpose
    			calculation.minDam = calculation.minDam + 94
    			calculation.maxDam = calculation.maxDam + 94

    They're not needed anymore, since you check for relics right in the beginning:

    self.RelicSlot["Judgement of Righteousness"] = { 33504, 94 }		--Libram of Divine Purpose

    Also, the tooltip numbers seem to match the actual combat log a lot more when this code part gets changed:
    			hS = 0.092 * spd
    			hM = 0.0085
    			hA = -1
    			bonus = bonus / 2

    			hS = 0.092 * spd
    			hM = 0.0085
    			hA = -1
    			bonus = bonus --/ 2
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