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    Is there any way to get it to save pally spec's imp buffs for the blessings manager? One of the barriers to my guild using this is that you can't asign buffs unless everyone is in inspec range in the instance.
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    I'm not sure if this is a threat or omen bug but I'll post it here.

    The problem is this: I'm a ret pally and my threat shows up fine on my screen, but everyone else in the raid sees my threat way higher, like it's not taking into account the new 30% threat redux.

    For example on Void Reaver tonight my Omen showed myself way bellow everyone else at like 100k threat while the top tank had like 250k. But everyone else in the raid said that I was 2nd on their displays....

    Now, that sounds like a lot more than just 30% so I don't know which number is correct, but I do know that I was able to go all out on VR and not pull agro the whole fight. And VR was switching targets to the top tanks just fine, so if I really WAS 2nd on his agro table I would have been dead.

    I also had Salv (I don't know if I had tranquil air, there WAS a shaman in my group and I didn't have windfury) and Subtlety on my cloak.
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    Hello AddOn Authors,

    I'm doing a research study on WoW AddOn Authors and the electronic communication methods and tools that they use and prefer when receiving feedback and bug reports from their users. I'm also collecting demographics for corollary data.

    When I'm done I should have an interesting report on the available tools, which is most preferred and how you can benefit from each type, not to mention some nifty graphs.

    Head over to the survey and take it!

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