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    posted a message on Basic guild roster dump
    I'm writing a very basic mod that grabs the guild information, creates an XML string then displays that string in a static popup dialog:
    local output = "";
    local function RoLwriteGuild()
    	local numTotal = (GetNumGuildMembers(true));
    	output = "<guildExport><guildMembers>";
    	for i=1,numTotal do
    		local name, rank, rankIndex, level, class, zone, note, officernote, online, status = GetGuildRosterInfo(i);
    		output = output .. "<member>";
    		output = output .. "<name>" .. name .. "</name>";
    		output = output .. "<rank>" .. rankIndex .. "</rank>";
    		output = output .. "<level>" .. level .. "</level>";
    		output = output .. "<class>" .. class .. "</class>";
    		output = output .. "<note>".. note .."</note>";
    		output = output .. "</member>";
    	output = output .. "</guildMembers><guildRanks>"
    	for x=1,GuildControlGetNumRanks() do
    		output = output .. "<rank" .. x .. ">" .. GuildControlGetRankName(x) .. "</rank" .. x .. ">";
    	output = output .. "</guildRanks></guildExport>";
    SlashCmdList["ROLEXPORT"] = RoLwriteGuild;
    SLASH_ROLEXPORT1 = "/rolexport";
    SLASH_ROLEXPORT2 = "/rol";
    StaticPopupDialogs["RoLwriteGuildDialog"] = {
    	text = "Guild Export",
    	button2 = TEXT(CLOSE),
    	hasEditBox = 1,
    	showAlert = 1,
    	OnShow = Show,
    	EditBoxOnEscapePressed = Hide,
    	timeout = 0,
    	whileDead = 1,
    	hasWideEditBox = 1,
    	hideOnEscape = 1,
    	OnShow = function()
    		local editBox = getglobal(this:GetName().."WideEditBox")
    		if editBox then
    		local button = getglobal(this:GetName().."Button2")
    		if button then
    			button:SetPoint("CENTER", editBox, "CENTER", 0, -30)
    		local icon = getglobal(this:GetName().."AlertIcon");
    		if icon then

    Fairly simple, I know, but its all I need.

    The problem I'm having is when I, or anyone else, alters the roster (add new member to guild, change note, promote/demote) my dialog box only displays:

    Do a reloadUI and all is right as rain again.

    This is my first addon that I've thrown together, using parts of BasicChatMods as a template to get my dialog box. Any idea why I'm not getting the full text that I'm expecting?

    Here is some demo output from my alt bank guild (only 1 member):
    <guildExport><guildMembers><member><name>Shalto</name><rank>0</rank><level>12</level><class>Druid</class><note></note></member></guildMembers><guildRanks><rank1>Guild Master</rank1><rank2>Officer</rank2><rank3>Veteran</rank3><rank4>Member</rank4><rank5>Initiate</rank5></guildRanks></guildExport>
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    posted a message on NRT (Nihilum Raid Tracker by Rabbit) Questions
    Would it be possible to add a select all text button to the output box? I'm using the eqdkp output and it takes me a while to shift + down-button through all the text.

    Thanks :)
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    posted a message on Buying new monitor - suggestions?
    http://benq.com/products/LCD/?product=839&page=specifications <-- I would suggest that. It's what I'm picking up next pay cheque.
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    posted a message on Bartender3 - Action Bar AddOn for WoW 2.0
    Bartender3: add an module to move and scale the roll frame

    It works wonderfully and I love you.
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    posted a message on ExtractGas?
    Quote from Adirelle »

    Does anyone have knowledge that gases respawn and move around a fixed point ? Without this condition, I don't really see the utility of this addon.

    They do respawn and float around a fixed point, ?1 x and y around its spawn location. Though unless they changed behavior or added a lot of extra nodes its fairly easy to remember their locations as there are only a small amount of spawn points:
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    posted a message on UI Screenshots - Show us what you use!
    Quote from Malice »

    Quote from Industrial »

    What is that quest tracker? I keep seeing it on some screenshots around here.

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    posted a message on ExtractGas Database?
    Here are some life nodes I grabbed today:
    	["Zangarmarsh"] = {
    		[35166401] = "Swamp Gas",
    		[43940925] = "Swamp Gas",
    		[58410137] = "Swamp Gas",
    		[24974851] = "Swamp Gas",
    		[37706411] = "Swamp Gas",
    		[46222328] = "Swamp Gas",
    		[46357553] = "Swamp Gas",
    		[54459925] = "Swamp Gas",
    		[58770102] = "Swamp Gas",
    		[64419736] = "Swamp Gas",
    		[30837917] = "Swamp Gas",
    		[42257773] = "Swamp Gas",
    		[30308032] = "Swamp Gas",

    Got those in just under an hour and get 5 primals :)
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    posted a message on ExtractGas Database?
    Very small DB attached, thottbot has some pretty accurate maps:

    Arcane Vortex, Felmist, Swamp Gass
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    posted a message on MobHealth3 API?
    Just updated it, hope I formatted everything properly as I've never put up a Wiki page before :S
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    posted a message on MobHealth3 API?
    It was wiped out in a server crash -> linky
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    posted a message on Parrot? Link?
    SharedMedia - Has a bunch of extra fonts/textures/sounds etc
    SharedMediaLib - The library that handles the stuff above

    you maybe interested in ClearFont2 and its fontpack.
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    posted a message on Parrot? Link?
    Just started using this today and I'm loving it, small request: FD Fail/Success Notification ALA FDWatch for SCT

    Thanks :)
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    posted a message on oRA2
    Quote from Ammo »

    Quote from heytony »

    getting this error since last update:
    [2007/06/29 18:32:35-420-x1]: oRA2_Optional\CoolDown.lua:145: CTRACompatLayer-1.0: The check "CD" has already been registered to the event "table: 12AB7BA0" - can't register it to the event "oRA_CoolDown" as well.

    please fix :D

    Are you using anything non-standard oRA2 ?

    FuBar_oRA2CoolDownFu or something?

    I got the same, turning off oRA2CoolDownFu gets right of the error.
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