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    In your todo,

    Hide rage/energy bars, maybe, dunno

    Please do! Also an option to hide mana bars, or make it all one option. I'm a Rogue, so I don't generally care what each person's mana is, and I especially don't care what their energy/rage is. But I'm also an officer, so I have everyone's health up on the screen at once.
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    Quote from Eleni »

    BigWigs 9264, Patch 1.12, EU enGB:

    Cthun fight doesnt start with 4 eyebams on the first person to enter his lair anymore. As the first Eyebeam comes after 12 seconds and not instantly when entering, BigWigs is now 12 seconds off sync in Phase 1.

    Beautiful addon btw :)

    Yeah I had to start it manually on the run in with a macro:

    /script BigWigsCThun:TriggerEvent("BigWigs_SendSync", "CThunStart");
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    Quote from Saroz »

    1. I personally _hate_ tooltips, but I can see how they can be usefull when out of combat, so I was thinking of only showing them while not in combat?

    Sounds like a good idea.

    2. Yea, was thinking about doing that, I've had some bad experiances with highlights though, some make switching targets lag like hell. pRaid and Squishy has some nice ones, I might use their implementation.

    Please make it optional to turn off if you do end up implementing it.
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    I'm relatively new to both Ace and BigWigs, but I'm liking what I'm seeing so far.

    Personally I dislike the default Raid Warning in WoW, and prefer the smaller CTRA RaidSay. I also like that oRA_RaidSay lets me configure the default Raid Warning behavior quite a bit.

    So I hacked up BigWigs' RaidWarn.lua to use oRA_RaidSay or CT_RA's RaidSay if one is present, before falling back to the default "RAID_WARNING".

    Hope other people might find this useful.

    Index: RaidWarn.lua
    --- RaidWarn.lua	(revision 7640)
    +++ RaidWarn.lua	(working copy)
    @@ -87,7 +87,15 @@
     	if not self.db.profile.broadcast or not msg or noraidsay or ( not IsRaidLeader() and not IsRaidOfficer() ) then
    -	SendChatMessage("*** "..msg.." ***", "RAID_WARNING")
    +	if oRA_RaidSay then
    +		oRA_RaidSay:chatRaidSay("** " .. msg .. " **");
    +	elseif CT_RA_AddMessage and CT_RA_Channel then
    +		SendChatMessage("** " .. msg .. " **", "RAID");
    +		CT_RA_AddMessage("MS ** " .. msg .. " **");
    +	else
    +		SendChatMessage("** "..msg.." **", "RAID_WARNING")
    +	end
     function BigWigsRaidWarn:BigWigs_SendTell(player, msg )
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