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    posted a message on Custom stat mod idea
    It might just be me, but I've wanted a mod that can display stats in an pre defined order like:

    Stam: xxxx
    Expertise: xx
    Hit: xxx
    Armor: xxxxx
    Strength: xxxx

    Anyone know of one? :P
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    posted a message on [Parrot] Showing blocked amount.
    I'm very bias, but I suppose it's time to make the change.
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    posted a message on [Parrot] Showing blocked amount.
    Is there some way to have the amount blocked scroll through? I tried [Amount], (Amount) and even <Amount>... No dice. :(
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    posted a message on [Pitbull] Not able to show icon
    Thank you for the answer Phanx, I'll keep trying.
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    posted a message on [Pitbull] Not able to show icon
    Sorry to bump, but still can't figure it out... Any idea where in the LUA this option would be maybe?
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    posted a message on [Pitbull] Not able to show icon
    With Pitbull I cannot show the leader icon for my target, I've tried in config mode with myself targeted having leader... I'm stumped.
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    posted a message on PitBull 2.0
    For some reason I cannot add leader icons to any unit other than my player frame, I've tried setting it while in a party with lead and having myself targeted and such tried enabling it VIA all units... Im stumped halp!

    Also another thing sometimes I goto my rock menu and pitbull doesn't have drop down options, anyone have a fix that too?
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    posted a message on Chinchilla - Minimap addon of awesomeness.
    I posted on the Jira, but I was wondering if someone had a fix for my issue... When I right click on my target for the options it is under my minimap, well anything is under my minimap even if the level is set to 0 or 1 I took a screen shot of it:

    I can list my addons if need, it's a pretty long list hehe
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    posted a message on MyMedia
    After reinstalling, rewriting MyMedia.lua, changing so many things I finally found my problem. Somehow (no idea how this happened) I was missing ShadredMediaLib.

    I wanted to say thank you to the people whom actually helped me, but all I got was stupid ass remarks.
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    posted a message on SharedMedia Pitbull Texture Problem.
    Quote from Arrowmaster »

    That one is also completely fucking wrong.

    It works for me, but yeah... Instead of being a complete asshole just keep your comments to yourself.
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    posted a message on MyMedia
    local SML = AceLibrary("SharedMedia-1.0")
    MyMedia = AceLibrary("AceAddon-2.0"):new()
    function MyMedia:OnInitialize()
    	local SML = AceLibrary:HasInstance("SharedMedia-1.0") and AceLibrary("SharedMedia-1.0") or nil
    	if SML then
    --Insert your media's information (under the section headers) between here...
    		SharedMedia:Register("background", "Hal BG", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\HalBackground.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("background", "Hal BGa", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\HalBackgroundA.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("background", "Duke A", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\DukeA.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("border", "Hal Border", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\HalBorder.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("font", "Intermosaic B", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\SFIntermosaicB.ttf]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("font", "Tempesta Five", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\pf_tempesta_five.ttf]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("font", "squaredance 00", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\squaredance00.ttf]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("font", "squaredance 10", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\squaredance10.ttf]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("font", "Futura", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\FuturaMediumBT.ttf]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("font", "Avant Garde", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\avantgarde.ttf]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("font", "pf_tempesta_five", [[Interface\AddOns\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\pf_tempesta_five.ttf]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("font", "uni05_53", [[Interface\AddOns\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\uni05_53.ttf]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("font", "uni05_54", [[Interface\AddOns\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\uni05_54.ttf]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("font", "uni05_63", [[Interface\AddOns\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\uni05_63.ttf]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("font", "uni05_64", [[Interface\AddOns\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\uni05_64.ttf]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("font", "sui", [[Interface\AddOns\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\sui.ttf]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Hal A", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\HalA.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Hal B", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\HalB.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Hal C", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\HalC.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Hal D", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\HalD.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Hal E", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\HalE.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Hal F", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\HalF.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Hal G", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\HalG.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Hal H", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\HalH.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Hal I", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\HalI.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Hal J", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\HalJ.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Hal K", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\HalK.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Hal L", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\HalL.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Hal M", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\HalM.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Hal N", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\HalN.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Hal O", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\HalO.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Hal P", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\HalP.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Hal Q", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\HalQ.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Hal R", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\HalR.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Hal S", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\HalS.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Hal T", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\HalT.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Hal U", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\HalU.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Hal V", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\HalV.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Duke A", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\DukeA.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Duke B", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\DukeB.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Duke C", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\DukeC.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Duke D", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\DukeD.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Duke E", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\DukeE.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Duke F", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\DukeF.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Duke G", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\DukeG.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Duke H", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\DukeH.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Duke I", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\DukeI.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Duke J", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\DukeJ.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Duke K", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\DukeK.tga]])
    		SharedMedia:Register("statusbar", "Duke L", [[Interface\Addons\SharedMedia\MyMedia files\DukeL.tga]])
    -- ... and here

    That is what I changed MyMedia to.
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    posted a message on MyMedia- Fonts/Textures not coming up
    No go :(
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    posted a message on MyMedia
    I did, instead of being a smart ass could you help or not post at all?
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    posted a message on SharedMedia Pitbull Texture Problem.
    Im having the same issue... I don't know what I did :*(
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