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    Same on my UI.
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    Quote from st0nedpenguin »

    Noticing with recent revisions that if I zone out of a BG with x amount of rage, it'll display the half filled rage bar even though I now have 0 rage and the power text is 0.

    Noticed it the other way around.
    I died in Mechanar and released -> Bars were still empty and text says 100%.

    Further, I noticed [AggroColor] returns always green... The text should turn to red on aggro but doesn't.
    Or is there a misunderstanding on my side due to my minor english-skill?

    Last but not least: a question...
    I had an idea of a displaying a text if s.o. can't control his/her char at the moment 'cause he/she is stunned, charmed, disorientated or something else. Should be nice in PvP / Arena...
    So I started to collect the various debuffs to put them in a line of [HasAura(X):HasAura(Y):...?Text(Smashed)].
    But ... uhm ... it's hard... and it's long...
    So my question is: Is there a way to shorten it?
    Would love it ^^

    so long
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    Quote from ElykNosrac »

    Incase you don't want a new addon: your pet's health frame should default show the happiness ammount (green = happy, yellow = kinda happy?, red = he needs some food, plz)

    You could also add [HappyNum], [HappyText] or [HappyIcon] to one of the texts - or create a new one and add it there.
    [HappyNum] = 1 for Unhappy, 2 for Neutral, 3 for Happy, 0 if unknown.
    [HappyText] = "Happy", "Neutral", "Unhappy", or blank.
    [HappyIcon] = " : D " for happy, " : | " for neutral, " B ( " for unhappy, or blank (without the spacing between ... I added it because of ":D" ;) )

    btw: Take a look at http://www.wowace.com/wiki/DogTag-1.0. I think all DogTags are listed on this page. Very useful in my eyes.
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    *steal Moochis nose* I updated an every text is resettet to standart...

    I use the mouse-over-frame and when it disappers it shows - only sometimes... - "Mouse-Over" in the Name-Text.
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    Quote from Moochi »

    Quote from Somaru »

    Quote from ckknight »

    My recommendation is that if you don't want to keep losing your settings, to wait for the all clear from me.
    Ya is it safe yet? I don't want to start over again!

    Yes, it is safe now. He states he finished on Meta-Layout already.

    I'm gonna steal your nose, if this isn't true ...
    Lost my settings twice... that was enough in my eyes ;)

    btw: I love this dog ^^
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    Quote from naylz »

    I'm sure that this has been answered many times before, or the answer should be plainly obvious to me, but I am curious: Is there anyway to make the default Pitbull portraits 3-D and animated?

    Frame (e.g.: Player) -> Portrait -> Style -> 3D
    you should set the fallback to 2D, because the big yellow ? in the frame when the animation isn't available looks ... uhm... you know...

    btw.: I hope we get rid of that annoying crash-bug...
    3 minutes ago a mate left the party and me got the crash >.<
    please 2.1.2 - don't dash my (our) hopes!
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    Quote from Catharr »

    For me using a few days old version of Pitbull (r39408) --> No Lockups/Crashes at all.

    I had exactly one crash. AddOn: Pitbull r38408 ... so we have a little conflict ;)

    Several of our raidmembers had that bug during Raids - Addons (afaik):
    Xperl, Perl, Pitbull, ag_UF, Grid and sRaidframes

    If you arn't successful with Catharrs method of fixing the bug, try to save WTF and Interface folder.
    Lunch WoW without any addons. Then log in and move your char a few yd. Then log out and lunch WoW with the addons again. Should work, cause it did to everyone in our raid.
    If it doesn't work at all.... hey... it's Blizz *shrugg*
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    posted a message on [Pitbull] Problems with bar graphics /// Focus Frame /// Profiles
    Hey TimR,

    For your Focusframe:
    Be sure to have the Layout set to ABF - it's the only Layout working correctly atm.
    Looks like it's set to Seerah.

    If you Set it to ABF the Texts should be shown again - everything else can be reorderd to Seerah-Style.

    For the graphical difference of your ToT / ToToT Frames I don't know any solution.
    Looks like the positioning of the bars and the style of them has a bug. The lighter lines at the top of the ToToT-bars are one pixel smaller than in the ToT-bars. And the light black bg-line at the top of the ToT-frame is smaller than in the other frames...
    Maybe changing the barstyle would solve the problem...
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    Quote from cigar3tte »

    Quote from ckknight »

    Alright. the bugs with texts and all that should be gone.

    Note: only the ABF layout is guaranteed to work now, the other layouts are being phased out to create one big meta-layout system.

    please please have a layout that separates the name text and class text from the same bar as health text. it's the only reason i came back to Pitbull.

    I think you problem is, that the name-text on the left side moves sometimes (if it is very long) into the health-text, which is on the right side, yes?
    Switch the Position of the name text by yourself.
    FrameName->Nametext->Position->frame-> choose one ;)

    Quote from Lysiander »

    Updated to r40222.1001. No more error messages, but still, no Texts.

    Same on my screen. Then I reloded the UI 2 times and - uh? a mirage? - I see the Texts... *cheer*
    At the moment everything seems to work fine... although i don't know why the texts pop up ...

    Uhm... is there someone else who gets an error when he is going to change the Rep-Bar-Color?
    Something to do with Atlasloot but reinstalling (deleted -> install) doesn't work ...

    Message: Dewdrop-2.0: [Background] Handler "nil" not available
    [C]: ?
    [C]: error()
    ...face\AddOns\AtlasLoot\Libs\AceLibrary\AceLibrary.lua:100: error()
    ...ce\AddOns\AtlasLoot\Libs\Dewdrop-2.0\Dewdrop-2.0.lua:1561: FeedAceOptionsTable()

    ok at the moment I don't use the Rep-Bar, but if i wanted to .... :)
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