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    posted a message on Unofficial oUF - methods used for layouts
    Quote from Coldfury »

    ahhhh i see. well i don't know why, but maybe adding something like this in the fadeFrames functions would fix it
    framename.Health:SetAlpha(A) -- or (A*1.5) to put a higher alpha than the frame one

    I'll try it out
    EDIT: Tried it and I couldn't get it to work. I could reduce the opacity but not increase it =/

    Quote from Coldfury »

    another guess would be that there is some code leftovers from your previous try that change the bar alpha or something...

    Nope, does the same thing with the standard P3lim layout with just the frame names added. I suppose I should try it with some other layout to see if it's the same with them.

    Quote from Coldfury »

    are you running it as a separate addons/modules or is this in your layout?
    I'm running it as a separate addon.

    and just because I was already making it just to (hopefully) show my 'problem' more clearly :
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    posted a message on Unofficial oUF - methods used for layouts
    Quote from Coldfury »

    well the 2nd one(in-game 50% alpha) seem to be a different color(druid class colored) which is why maybe it may look different, and imo they are pretty much at the same alpha.
    the only thing i see a bit different is the bright orange hp bar background and its not that much of a diff.

    but your code seems ok.

    No, the orange background color is manually set just to show the opacity problem I have, it shows through the health bar it self in the 2nd one, as opposed to the last one (the wishful thinking one)
    All the frames are the same unit (my rogue ><)
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    posted a message on Unofficial oUF - methods used for layouts
    I'm having a bit of a conundrum, I've made my frames change opacity based on health/target or in/out of combat (, not done yet) and it works somewhat, even if the code is messy, however, the opacity doesn't work as I'd expect:

    The first one is at 100% opacity, the second at 50% and the last is photoshopped to what I would expect it to look like at 50% (and what it did look like when I used pitbull to do something similar).
    It seems as the healthbar is getting some internal opacity decrease and I'm wondering how to get rid of it (using a modified oUF_P3lim, so far only changed sizes, the background colors and added names to the Spawns).
    I've tried setting the alpha to 1 with SetStatusBarColor at the appropriate places but that didn't change anything.
    I'm a lua nublet so I'd appreciate being talked to as a complete idiot atm ><
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    posted a message on PitBull 2.0
    Quote from wizbor »

    After running Pitbull for a bit I decided to change things up when i found caith's layout(which I like) I just swaped out her pitbull.lua file in my savedvaribalbes folder. I no longer have the 5 sec cooldown that went across the health bar when i cast. I've racked my brains looking for where that action was taking place in the set up menu. I gotta say its nice feature.

    See if the 'Spark' module is enabled or disabled.
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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames - suggestions, requests and temp fixes thread
    Quote from andreasg »
    2: not sure what you mean, but I'd like to help out

    It looks to me that all the elements of the unitframe has a higher z-index/strata then the border and health/mana bars overlaps the corners.
    I've been trying to find an example of a unitframe where it doesn't, just to show you what I mean, and I cant! ><
    Seems it was all in my mind so ignore that ^^

    Another question, and this one should probably be in another thread, because it's more or less part of a wish list for surfaceLib.
    Would it be possible to extend surfaceLib to also add edgefiles and other textures?
    Realize that this would mean surfaceLib would have to have some kind of categorization and that might be overkill, just a thought.
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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames - suggestions, requests and temp fixes thread
    I'm having a bit of fun with the theme 'language' and came up with this after about an hour of playing around:

    (yes 'inspired' by Neebler's UI for Discord)

    Now, I'm fairly impressed with what can be done with ag_UF as it is now, but I would really like some more information about the scripting of themes (more than is available here) and maybe a few additions too.
    1. Would it be possible to have an option on all frames/labels which add a border around it?
    Something simple like Border = true,?
    2. Is there a specific reason every element overlaps the border?
    That's something I haven't seen on other customizable UF's so I'd like
    to know if this can be fixed somehow in ag_UF too.
    3. I'm guessing it's probably the size of the portraits in this layout, but I
    have a delay when switching targets, usually around 2-3 seconds or so, before
    the portrait updates. Usually it shows the portrait of my previous target before updating too.
    Any fix available for this, or is it impossible?
    4. I haven't explored it too much, but is there a way to scale the icons (resting,
    master looter, PvP etc.), as you can see in my screenie, they are pretty small
    (buffs/de-buffs too, but I know they are being reworked so I won't even bother.)

    I'm fairly hooked on ag_UF now and I understand that the visuals might be fairly far down the list of priorities right now so, no hurry, but I'd still like to know ^^
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    posted a message on Help with replacing CT_RA
    Hold down alt to move any ora2 Frames
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    posted a message on XRaidStatus
    Quote from Animavilis »

    feature request: when you report in raid channel which ppl are missing a buff please add an option to add a group number to the name, ex (1)Animavilis

    I second this and I also have another request;
    I have a buff button that shows who has the Soulstone Resurrection buff (i.e check for buff and then invert to show who has it instead of who doesn't have it) but when I do a report on the buff it shows all who hasn't got the buff (to all warlocks amusement)
    If the buff check is inverted, can the reporting be inverted too?
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    posted a message on Sprocket
    Just saw 'Sprocket - Autobar' on WoWI, thank you for that one, made my day ^.^
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