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    posted a message on Wintergrasp quests cooldown timer
    is there any addon yet to keep track of everything ?
    i currently have 3 pgs and it's not easy to remember all the quest i've done and when...
    i will write on a paper but an addon would be much better, any hint ?
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    posted a message on Recount
    Hi, i have a problem with recount, it has worked fine before, then i have disabled it for a couple of months, now it does load, but i can't see any bar and nothing is registered, i've tried updating it, i've tried enabling some libraries (does it need any extrnal library? and if yes, wich libraries?), i've tried trashing the recount.lua saved variable, the strange thing is that it doesn't give any error aswell!! :(

    Please someone can helps me ? there's no way to make it working again, maybe a conflict with another ace addon ?

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