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    posted a message on Tradeforwarder fixes for Legion and WOD
    I would like to know if I can take over the Tradeforwarder addon project or be a coauthor.

    I don't think it's being updated anymore and it's been broken for a long time now.

    I already have updated a working copy for myself since this addon goes hand in hand with the addon that I do author.

    I manage the Alltradeforwarder addon that lets you see trade from other realms your not on. I wrote this 5 years ago when battle net first made bnet whispers possibly. I was the first do transmit data over battle net with invisible chat messages to the best of my knowledge. Long before OQ.

    But I need this addon to work for my addon to work right so I would love to manage it going forward. The current version will not pass lead proper and doesn't handle merged realm chat properly or item links properly. several other things I can update for Legion so that this works again. I miss it. and I can fix it for us.

    Take care,
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    posted a message on G15 keyboards and my Classic Raid Finder addon
    Basically I need to over ride the g15 function, whatever it is called that outputs data to the logitch lcd applet, But I cannot find what the name of this function override would be called.??? any clues..

    It was brought to my attention earlier today that the G15 keyboard is registering all whispers sent to the client to the keyboard lcd through the wow system by use of the logictech sdk. From what I read there is no way to modify this data being sent or received but I'm assuming there must be a ban list for certain keywords correct?

    As of right now the keyboard is registering all whispers to the keyboard even though my addon is utilizing hidden bnet whispers. But the keyboard is registering them even though the client itself is not. Any ideas how I can force the client to not send these hidden message to the logictech api? or if there is a special keyword that the logictech api ignores?

    While I am at it....I'm sure I'm going to run into the same issue with chat addon loggers and things that log chat basically. I know right now I'm gonna have to figure out how to make those addons ignore my messages, but as of right now i have no idea.....But I've read it can be done....

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