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    Playing on a roleplaying (PVP-RP) server just adds one more dimension to my playing experience. One thing I love about the new pvp-rp servertype is that Roleplaying can be enchanced a LOT when you can actually be attacked by the other faction.

    Being able to make the decision to attack or not AND be the subject of such an decision from other players is way more exitng than being safe all the time if one wants to be. The pvp aspect brings morality and the character's values to play frequently. When you are in a group and you spot a lone pinkskin exploring, what do you do? Is your character honourable or bloodthirsty? These decisions make for exellent party interaction and roleplay. And of course it's much more exiting to help and cooperate with the opposite faction when you both have the option to attack at any moment: you get to see real (sometimes even moral) choises by the opposite faction.

    I play a Grimtotem Tauren druidess too, tough her tribe does'nt appreciate her too much anymore. The grimtotem in the stonetalon mountains attack her on sight, but that's her original home. Vesta is not a warmongerer, but she belongs to a merc group wich has many warloving Tauren who have not gotten used to the peaceful life in mulgore after the the great wars. Many tauren found they did not fit into the peaceful life on the plains after years of soldier lifestyle. Nontheless, I never attack the alliance first, it's much more fun to see their reaction and do some interaction.

    But I have to say, I've found an amazing server, where world pvp is alive, people are exited and active and proud of their server! Both the alliance and the horde view the server the best server in europe when it comes to RP and world pvp. Lots of guilds with funny, weird or more serious roleplaying base (: The mistrunner tirbe is a peaceful tauren guild. The Starseeker sentinels are night elves who patrol ashenvale regulary to keep out intruders Then there's the second gurubashi empire: trolls who claim stranglehorn to themselves and have hosted huge gatherings of guilds in the Grurubashi arena. And not to be forgotten are the dimday tribe of xenophobic "red neck" trolls who have their own language. etc: too many to mention. The Burning Dawn horde warmachine and the Alliance Watch made to counter it are an whole story to themselves ) A shameless ad for our server: Defias brotherhood.

    Regarding WC lore and stereotypical views of the factions and on good and evil, we get to make up our own lore to some extent when we make our characters.
    Some characters can be wildly different from the canonical WOW lore, others make their characters according to the lore. Wich is better? The RP- elitists who whine about non-realistic character desing ruining their immersion have a way too narrow view of rp.
    Wow is non-realistic in itself, plenty of plagiatrism, real life references and oc humour in the world itslef. That's one thing I like about the world.
    Roleplaying imo is about creativity and interaction, not ?ber immersion. Plus having something more to talk about than epix or how you owned somebody.
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