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    posted a message on power auras
    hello every1 :)
    i'm trying to set up my power auras for holy power (i got latest version)
    but after i set up everything (texture,sound,timer ... etc) and close the powerauras window efect comes right away just like i should see it when i have 3 stacks of holypower even do i'm not in comebat and have 0 stacks of HP. so i dont know i'm doing something wrong or its buged?

    i got in activation window (rage/energy/power) then on the right under "power"tab choosing
    "holy power" and tresh hold is on 3 (not inverting)
    if any1 knows whats the problem plz help me out
    i've been using power aura a while now and its realy awsome mod
    ty :P
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