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    Quote from starlon
    You can now use Name(unit, true) -- the second argument being whether to return long name with title or not, aka UnitPVPName.

    This works beautifully, thank you very much :)

    Quote from starlon
    You'll have to familiarize me with Dominos a bit. What is a roll window? Some windows you can mouse through. I don't know if this is related to your problem though. I'll have to check out the addon.

    Dominos is an actionbar addon that replaces your actionbars (Like Bartender). It also has a rollwindow that replaces the default one, so you can move it around to anywhere on the screen.

    I actually just tested this with Dominos turned off and the problem was still there. It also occurs on my actionbars, whenever there is an npc underneath that you can interact with the tooltip isn't shown. The problem might be with another addon if I am the only one to experience this problem though.

    Another problem I just rediscovered after updating MikScrollingBattleText is that Startip refuses to use any other font than MSBT Gingko if this is availabe. If I delete this font it goes back to the font I've chosen.

    Sorry to bring you so many weird bugs :), I have a lot of addons installed so it might be one of those that interfere.
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    I have 2 bugs/questions.

    1: I use Dominos and have my roll window in the middle of the screen. When a roll happens the tooltips for the items is not shown if there is a mob/npc underneath the roll window (Hope this makes sense). If I move away from the mob the tooltip shows. I have tried turning off startip and the problem disappears.

    My second "bug" is a little cryptic, but I'll explain as best I can

    2: I try to make the tooltip show the name and the title of the unit with UnitPVPName(unit) on the first line in the left side, and color it by class of the target with the code below. If I mouse over a player/npc there is no problem, but if I mouse over myself or my target the line is not shown initially. I can make it appear by moving the mouse back and forth between myself and my target, but as soon as I remove it from either the line disappears again.

    The code I use for this is:

    local r, g, b
    if UnitIsPlayer(unit) then
    r, g, b = ClassColor(unit)
    r, g, b = GetThreatStatusColor(unit)
    return Colorize(UnitPVPName(unit), r, g, b)

    The weird thing is that the code works fine if I put it in the right side of the line.
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