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    I have a few requests in terms of guild craft functionality, but first off I have to say that I have been searching for something to do exactly this for a long time and am very happy to see it. Right now I'm in the process of understanding the add-on completely and implementing as a tool across my guild.

    The following issues have come up in my use of Guild Craft Stable Beta.

    1. When flipping through the browser when I mouse-over something in the browser it crates an extra window which appears to the right which is underneath the layer where the item details of a previously selected item appears. If this is something that is intended to stay in the plug-in it should either be on the top layer or should be put to the left. I personally do not see the point of this window as it is reiterating information that you already see.

    2. The database seems somewhat choppy in that I've had an entire person's portion of the database dissappear once and I wasn't sure why. It may have been a problem he created or it may have been my problem created on my side, but it was somewhat confusing and I was trying to figure out how it happened. He updated his blacksmithing craftables, they showed up, he updated them again so that he could weed out unnecessary stuff he didnt need to post, then logged off. I saw the first verison, then after his second update the database remained the same, then after he logged off all of his entries disappeared. It may have been a problem he created, but I'm not sure.

    3. I was wondering if you could create an "Aggregate Database" or "Synchronize to Guild Database" button so I don't have to log out and back in to synchronize the database. It would be nice if the database had usage that was similar or modeled after GroupCalendar. GroupCalendar is an addon that is WIDELY used and from a design standpoint having it work the same in terms of a player's options with the database would be intuitive because many people who use guild organization add-ons like GroupCalendar would have a ready familiarity with your add-on. And maybe in the distant future making it so you can use either guild and/or shared channel. The shared channel functionality with an add-on like this means that there could be large conglomerates between guilds for a huge crafting network. Granted this is a bit of a wishlist sort of desire, but I think it would be pretty rad.

    4. The ability for guild members of a certain rank in the guild to create tags that can be assigned to items for easy searching. Tags such as "Resistance Gear," "Raid Requirements: Hunter," etc.

    Anyways, this add-on is INCREDIBLE and I am a HUGE fan already. I will be sure to keep up with you regularly to help report bugs/errors and suggestions that come from my guild as a whole. Excellent work.


    ALSO: We are using the edition that was released through the curse distribution system.
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