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    I definitely love Skada simply because it so light weight and intuitive. I currently use it for tanking and one of the things that bugs me is its hard to go back to the Threat Mode (module whatever) when I go to check the dps or damage taken etc. Threat isn't on the Skada:Modes menu since it only displays like the first 10 modes in alphabetical order, so threat isn't on there. My current workaround has been to rename the Threat module to "All Threat". For those interested in how to do it:
    local mod = Skada:NewModule (L["All Threat"])--(L["Threat"])

    My completely frivolous and pointless question is can I get Skada:Modes to Sort the modes differently rather than alphabetically. I tried this(my code is red):
    function Skada:AddMode(mode)
    	table.sort(modes, function(a, b) return a.name < b.name end)
    	[COLOR="Red"]table.insert(modes, 1, "All Threat")[/COLOR]
    	for i, win in ipairs(windows) do

    This didn't work because it looks like Skada likes to wipe the current mode list repeatedly and refresh it alphabetically once again. Full Disclosure I know next to nothing about Lua or most programing.

    Anyone have an idea?
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