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    ok i made a new project got my svn link etc. now i made a repo folder on my computer using the svn right click menus then i got the directory struction using an import port my addon files in the mainline folder then did a commit for the changes it ends up finding a ton of files that arent part of my project or even in those files even had one instance where it changed a different project of mine can someone give me a step by step for using Tortoise svn to create a new project and get it uploaded properly. im not using command line just context menus and dialogs in windows explorer running win xp pro. thanks for the time and help.
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    yea this although it is a good idea would be considered botting or automating too much, the only reason petautocraft was allowed is if you dont sit at the pet merchant basically as long as your playing while using it its allowed but to buff based on chat is too much automation and asking for a ban :(
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