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    Noone with a clue?
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    I'm using ag_Unitframes together with allot of other addons and set all my bars to charcoal style (Elkbuffbars, grid, Bigwigs, ag_uf, recount).
    But recently I cleaned up my addon folder because allot of addon I downloaded to test I'm not using anymore.

    The problem I have now is that the ag_Unitframes addon doesn't have the charcoal option in the bar styles anymore while the rest of my addons still has. I recon that I deleted a addon which shared the styles with ag_uf and I deleted it.

    MY question is if there is a way to have the charcoal style back in ag_uf (copied from other installed addons orso) or some other solution which don't require to get unused addons back.

    Thx in advance
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    posted a message on BigWigs_CommonAuras
    Love the BigWigs_CommonAuras addon and was wondering if there were any plans to expand it with more "important" abilities in the near future?

    Personnaly wouldn't mind seeing the Rebirth spell and the Soulstone in it :)

    If not, still a nice addition to the BW nevertheless.


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    I have an annoying problem and I don't know if there is an existing addon for it or not. (Tried skinner but didn't seems to solve my problem)

    I can have 3 screens open (eg. CharUI, TradeUI and CraftUI), this also means I can have the gbank (which is 2 screens wide) and my alchemy tab open at the same time. Pretty handy when you are the guild alchemist and need to craft loads of potions a week. But I have trouble switching the tab in the guildbank as soon as I bring my alchemy tab on the forground.

    In the attachment you see that the tab buttons fall behind the other UI, which result closing and opening guildbank as soon as I have to switch tabs again (and which we have a herb-tab and a different potion tab I have to do that everytime I brew a different kind of pot).

    So I was wondering if it was possible to move those button away for the right side (eg, above the tab orso) or maybe switch the UI's from left or right (meaning alchemyUI is always on the left (now the Gbank will always be on the left no matter which one was opened first)).

    Thanks in advance.
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