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    I don't suppose you could confirm if removing the black filter bar from the top of the combat log will be eventually included in the tabs module?

    If so I'll put up with it until your fantastic addon gets around to it, but if not, I'll reluctantly start searching elsewhere.

    Keep up the amazing work, you're an asset to the addon community!
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    Awesome job on the alpha so far, keep up the great work! This is one of my must-have addons.

    Is there any chance of some functionality to turn off the black filter bar that appears below the tab and above the chat window for those windows with combat logs turned on? It keeps popping up when a cursor is over it even when there are no filters on the bar and is really ruining the mojo of my UI!

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    posted a message on [Pitbull] Lag Issue When Raid Member Joins/Leaves
    Okay, just a small update about the issue, I've been testing it in a raid environment tonight and have found a few more things:-

    1. It also happens when players in the raid change zone (ie after a wipe when the whole raid is zoning in to the instance is when it's most noticeable).

    2. I've started going through my modules an turning each off, then carrying on raiding to see if the problems persists. I haven't yet found a particular module that is causing it, but I'll continue looking. My status will be shown on my initial post.

    3. It is defintely not grid causing the problem as I've disable that addon while pitbull is still running and the problem still persists.
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    Concerning the freezing issues, I've posted a stand-alone post about it as it seems a lot of people aren't witnessing it and therefore the posts are getting lost in this thread between other issues:-


    So please feel free to chime in with any ideas/solutions.
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    posted a message on [Pitbull] Lag Issue When Raid Member Joins/Leaves
    Since upgrading to the 2.4 version of Pitbull, I'm getting the lag spikes when anyone in the raid joins, leaves, disconnects, relogs or moves team. I have spoken to other players with Pitbull, but it seems that not everyone is witnessing it (although there are several who have reported the same issue). I'm positive that Pitbull is partially responsible because the issue vanishes when the addon is disabled and I return to the default frames, but saying that, as it's not a problem that everyone is getting, guess it could be only one module causing the problem or an incompatibility with another addon.

    I have been updating my Pitbull every day as new builds are released but the problem persists and have resorted to moving back to r54793 (the version I used before upgrading after 2.4 was released) where there is no problem at all. All my other addons are updated to the most recent versions and I have tried reinstalling them all via wowaceupdater.

    Is anyone else still having this problem or has found out which module/addon (if any) is causing the incompatability? I'm going to do some more testing myself, but it's hard to do so without a raid environment and I don't fancy hearing my raid leader's response if I start playing with addons while we're trying to progress in Sunwell, so any information would be more than welcome!

    Modules I am running:-

    Aura - Not Responsible
    CastBar - Not Responsible
    HealthBar - Not Responsible
    VisualHeal - Not Responsible

    Addons I am running:-

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    Quote from Shareel »

    I have an serious lag problem since 2.4. Any time an raidplayer disconnect or login (after an disconnect) pitpull produce serious lag which results alomst in an lockup for 5-10 seconds. This "lockups" are also present when nothing happens, like 24 players waiting for an disconnected player to pull an boss mob. My entire UI almost freeze for 5-10 seconds as soon as the player login.

    I was able to narrow down this problem. The "lockups" are only when I use Pitbull. They are away as soon as I disable Pitbull. Has someone an idea to solve this problem? I love pitbull and dont want to move away, but this problem forces me to drop pitbull.

    Exactly the same problem for me, while Pitbull is enabled I get 1 sec lag spikes when anyone joins/leaves the raid, goes offline/comes online in the raid or swaps groups. Only happens while Pitbull is active and doesn't happen if I revert to the 2.3 version.
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