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    OK, i fixed my issue, but I feel really REALLY stupid. So I need to ask yet another question.

    I fixed the issue by checking the load dependency option in the preferences tab.

    But I dont understand why I need to load dependencies when i can download the mod separately off of curse. Are the mods packed differently on Ace then they are on say Curse?

    thanks again :)
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    Since addons were first developed I have been a manual update guy. This week is the first time I have tried the the ACE Update utility, so I am a total noob regarding it. Before I explain my issue I want to say that I have searched the forums here but was unable to locate a thread regarding my issue. So here it goes.

    At home, I run mods such as fubar, Omen, Cartographer etc. I installed the Ace Updater via the Internet explorer installer page. When I ran the utility for the first time, it located all of my installed addons. I pressed F10 and it updated everything. When I logged back into the game, the mods were gone.

    I logged out, clicked on addons button. All were listed, all were selected and load out of date addons was checked. It was raid time, so I didn't look into it too deep.

    Now, here I am on my laptop, running WOW with zero mods loaded.

    I installed the updater and searched for omen. Within the updater, I located Omen, right clicked and selected the updater to install.

    I log into wow, go to my addons and Omen is listed and checked. I load my character... no Omen. I type in the chat window "/omen toggle" and nothing... also, no Omen mini map icon.


    I exit the game, remove the omen folder from my addons folder, manually download omen from Curse and extract that download to my addons folder. Load the game and Omen is there, running and the mini map icon is available as well.

    This has been my experience with every addon I try to install or update via the Ace updater.

    I know this is a long post, but I wanted to make sure I explained myself as well as I could. I used Omen as my example, but like I said, every other mod I install/update thru the updater does this.

    So in a nutshell, the Updater updates/installs the mods, the game lists the mods in the addons list, yet ingame the mods appear to not be loaded. if I manually install the mods, they work


    thank you in advance!
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