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    Two requests if they are at all possible:

    1) Skada frame names. I'd love to be able to anchor a kgpanels frame to Skada and have it fit more thematically into my ui.

    2) I am frequently on a healer and I've noticed that I can't see where my threat is if I'm targeting a friendly character (healers do that!) Is it possible to have my threat calculated based of my targets target if I'm targeting a friendly character OR off my focus target?

    Great addon!

    ~ Novbre
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    I use Grid for both my party and my raid frames. I am also in the process of customizing my UI so that it's more Healer friendly, but doesn't leave my tank and dps toons facing a wall of hp bars.

    I have a kgpanel for Grid that resizes depending on how many people are in the raid, but what I *really* need is for the panel to resize depending on how many “groups” there are that have a body in them. For example a 25 man raid currently looks like this: (each row is a raid group)

    Now if 6 people leave what happens is this:

    The frame resized to the 15-20 man size I had defined, but in reality there are still 5 *groups* even if they aren’t full groups. Is there a way to base a kgpanel size on the number of Grid raid groups that have a body in them rather than on the total number of bodies in the raid?

    The scripts I’m currently using are:

    On Load:


    On Event:
    Local rmems = GetNumRaidMembers()

    if (rmems > 0 and rmems <= 5) then

    elseif (rmems > 5 and rmems <= 10) then self:SetHeight(GridLayoutHeader1UnitButton1:GetHeight()+42)

    elseif (rmems > 10 and rmems <= 15) then self:SetHeight(GridLayoutHeader1UnitButton1:GetHeight()+78)

    elseif (rmems > 15 and rmems <= 20) then self:SetHeight(GridLayoutHeader1UnitButton1:GetHeight()+114)

    elseif (rmems > 20 and rmems <= 25) then self:SetHeight(GridLayoutHeader1UnitButton1:GetHeight()+150)

    elseif (rmems > 25 and rmems <= 30) then self:SetHeight(GridLayoutHeader1UnitButton1:GetHeight()+186)

    elseif (rmems > 30 and rmems <= 35) then self:SetHeight(GridLayoutHeader1UnitButton1:GetHeight()+222)

    elseif (rmems > 35 and rmems <= 40) then

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