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    Don't know if to post this in the Quartz thread or the SharedMedia thread.

    Not completely sure if my problem is the same as people previously said in this thread but my cast bars weren't appearing anymore. After trying to find a solution in this thread and disable/enable addon by addon I narrowed down the problem having something to do with SharedMedia. When having SharedMedia enable it doesn't show my cast bars and after I disabled it they appeared again. Now I have no idea on how to go fix this so if people can help me with this problem that would be appreciated :)

    edit: After playing around with the MyMedia file it seems that deleting this line
    local SML = AceLibrary("SharedMedia-1.0")

    makes the cast bars disappear. However, when leaving this line in the file I ain't able to use MyMedia files.

    edit2: Decided to try and fix it myself. Tried different stuff with the MyMedia.lua but nothing works so I copied the files to the SharedMedia folders itself instead of MyMedia and that works at least.
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