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    Quote from Morsker
    I'll give you a chance to reply here before I make an issue of this publicly, but if the addon does anything without the user's informed consent, that's malware. It's illegal, and it's a far more serious issue than someone botting in a video game. I certainly hope you weren't considering any such thing.

    Wow. Obvious troll is obvious.
    #1- Our objectives state CLEARLY that we are FIRMLY against botting.
    #2- Anyone who bots is ALREADY breaking terms of service. The breech of ToS happens before any addon is used- they shouldn't be playing the game if they're botting!
    #3- Anyone who cares to download our package IS held to terms of service by both blizzard and our addon. By using EITHER you agree you will NOT be botting.
    #4- Go ahead and TRY to get someone in trouble while you're doing something that's against terms of service.
    #5- Please go troll elsewhere, we're trying to have a rational discussion here.
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    Download here: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/auction-profit-master.aspx

    General Information

    This is a continuation of the popular addon "Quick Auctions 3". This addon will help you organize and post all your auctions very quickly and efficiently.

    Shadowed, the author of Quick Auctions 3 is no longer maintaining Quick Auctions and has released the license. I have taken on maintaining this addon and even with the restrictions placed on posting auctions will continue to improve it and ensure it works as well as possible.The old page for Quick Auctions 3: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/quick-auctions.aspx. I would like to thank Shadowed for all the work he has done on this amazing addon.

    Please let me know through comments if you are having any issues or if you have any suggestions. Extra credit for posting bugs to our official issue tracker here, instead!!
    Info for Users:

    Type /apm to access the configuration!
    How to transfer your settings from QA3 to APM (follow these steps exactly):

    1. Close wow.
    2. Go to World of Warcarft/WTF/Account/ACCOUNT_NAME/SavedVariables/
    3. Delete the AuctionProfitMaster.lua file
    4. Rename the QuickAuctions.lua file to AuctionProfitMaster.lua
    5. Open the new AuctionProfitMaster.lua file in a text editor and on the first line change "QuickAuctionsDB" to "AuctionProfitMasterDB".
    6. Save and close the file.
    7. Reopen wow.

    Macros for the post functions:

    /click AuctionProfitMasterPostButton

    /click AuctionProfitMasterCancelButton
    Long-term goals (after all bugs are sorted out):

    * Give the addon a more user-friendly GUI; especially the options.
    * Single button posting and canceling.
    * Incoperation with some of the best features of Scroll Master (handles crafting of enchanting scrolls)
    * Support for other addons including Auctioneer and DataStore.
    * Every other great idea that is brought to my attention

    We are expanding this project into a much bigger idea and we need new developers!

    Scroll Master has been in use by gold farmers who make a ton of gold and and quick auctions 3 has been a very popular way to post all the items they make. We're taking these addons a few steps further and making the end all of all auctionhouse addons! We have the vision, we have the organization, we have a solid plan and we even have a good chunk of work done. But we need people!

    This is a volunteer project with no compensation but your work will be part of the greatest addon of all time! And, of course, your name will be in the credits! Requirements:

    * Passionate about coding
    * Stays within previously established coding standards
    * Actively participates often with ticket interface
    * Works well with a coding team and supervisor
    * Has plenty of time to commit to the many hours of programming time needed to get the project to the highest standard.
    * This might be a great learning opportunity for new coders too!


    * Previous Addon Coding Experience/ 1 full project completely designed
    * Ample LUA background

    Toss a message to Sapu @ [email]sapu94@gmail.com[/email] and let us know you're interested!
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    Question, how long does an author have to wait after another project has been announced as inactive/not updating before we can create modifications and updates to the old project without the author's consent?

    For example, a project's author completely gives up on the project (announces it) and we pick it up and add stuff to it, giving credit to the original author but making it quite different and patching it up for new wow versions.

    What if the author can no longer be contacted and seems to have fallen off the planet?
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