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    posted a message on HotCandy - a Healing over Time Monitor.
    Quote from Nevcairiel »

    To position the bars properly (for now), get the anchor at the same height you want your bars to start, and cast some spell to get the proper width of the bar group.

    I am getting the same problem as the rest, if I lock em at the place I want em to be, they will be at position:

    ["y"] = 132.5172632534614
    ["x"] = -117.8351321557875

    every single time I relog and log back in according to the SavedVariables :( They kinda just reset to that default position.

    Hope there is a way to fix this as the addon is great and it is exactly what I need.
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    posted a message on Pitbull 2.0 player frame says "offline x:xx" randomly in battlegrounds. Help?
    Would love to see an answer to this problem, I get the same thing whenever I zone into a BG/Instance/Continent : (
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