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    posted a message on Squishy 0.10 [2006/08/22]
    It was a simple bug that didn't let Squishy work when playing non-healing classes (btw, it doesn't have any Paladin support atm and treats them as non-healers). Just fixed it on the SVN.

    As for hiding - I agree with Industrial, if you don't want to have it enabled for your rogue, just don't enable it in the Blizzard addon selector. And if you want the audio aggro warning but not the visual frame, define a class profile for Squishy (I think that is done via "/ace profile class Squishy") and then hide the frame via "/squishy frame".

    /standby - what does that do exactly, and where is the difference to disabling it? Or is /standby just a toggle shortcut for /enable and /disable? I've never used /standby and am not sure how one would benefit from using this option.
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    posted a message on Squishy 0.10 [2006/08/22]
    Just uploaded v0.1.
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    posted a message on Squishy 0.10 [2006/08/22]
    As for your questions, I will have to answer them with: not yet. But it should easily possible, especially with the help of others. The internal roster I'm using is based on player names, so adding party1..4 and pets is rather trivial I assume. And the click'n'heal support isn't much more than a few lines - afaik.

    I don't consider what I've written being done. Not at all. It's pretty stable at the moment, but it was designed for my personal needs (and a few guildies) - so there aren't many config options. But I'm hoping that once it's been uploaded to the SVN a few people start optimizing code, adding features, fixing bugs etc. My time is rather limited (3-5hrs coding per week), but I'm interested to see which direction this project will take with an active community.

    At the moment I'm strill struggling with removing features. Yes, this is not a typo. This project started lots of months ago, and I didn't add frames until I ace'd it. Now the old features[1] are nice for some, but aren't part of the core - and as I don't want to start this project with messy code you'd need to spend lots of time with to understand what's going on, I'm trying to modularize it (while thinking about how/if to release these additional modules seperately). At the moment the addon has about 1400 lines of code, but the core is probably less than 50% (and in better shape than the rest).

    Cladhaire already pointed me into the direction of moving code to additional lua files, but I'm still rather clueless how such modules can e.g. add keybindings, chat command handlers, can register the same events as the core etc. This might take a while to figure out, and I'd prefer to not publish it before this isn't done. Well - if someone who has lots of time, is familiar with modularized ace-coding and would want to spend a few hours contacts me, this might speed up this process...

    [1] these features are:
    - auto selection of heal rank for (Flash/Greater) Heal, Lesser Healing Wave, Healing Touch based on healing gear and if the target has aggro and/or is in the process of being healed by someone else.
    - auto selection of the first person on the list who is in range for that spell.
    - skipping people with active renew/rejuv when casting HOTs, skipping people with shield debuff.
    - smart resurrecting people in range with /say announcement, based on priority (ressers first, then buffers,...).
    - visible/audio warning on overhealing.
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    posted a message on Squishy 0.10 [2006/08/22]
    Squishy: an Ace2 raid+party emergency monitor for healers

    more information:
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    posted a message on Ace SVN
    Oh, and if you're using a Mac, you might want to try SvnX:

    ...havent tested it yet, but as the web-ui really is slow these days I just decided it's time to search for a svn client myself.
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    posted a message on Perfect Raid
    I really hope someone is willing to spend a few hours with this addon. I like it a lot. Unfortunately my ace/lua-coding know how isn't good enough, all my addons don't use XML at all, so I wouldnt really know how to deal with display issues...
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    posted a message on Most basic of basic unit frame mods?
    Maybe I just haven't found the options in Watchdog yet, but I'm missing:

    - moving buff/debuff placement to one line instead of buffs top, debuffs bottom
    - buff/debuff display only for target/player/... (e.g. I'd only want to see buffs/debuffs for my target, nothing else)
    - reducing entire bar height (you can make the hp bar higher to have the mana bar smaller, but you can't make the mana bar 2px high while keeping the hp bar at the default height)
    - truncation of long names ("Auctioneer Grimful" -> "Aucti...imful") (in 2.0?)
    - raid support, including sorting by group / class
    - MT support
    - different text on target bar depending on: horde/alliance/mob (e.g. PvP rank replaces level and elite indicator, or I'd like class info for player targets but don't need them for mobs)
    - [status] only for dead/offline but not "resting" "in combat"
    - [oom] - out of mana indicator, could e.g. color the following text blue if <10%mana
    - debuff coloring: doesnt show debuff icons but colors depending on debuff (e.g. magic=purple,disease=green,...)
    - finally, what I miss most: combat overlay. MiniGroup2 will show red/white number overlays on the bars for my target, myself and my party members. Which is very helpful for healers (unsure if I'm clear: a red -870 if someone is hit for 870, fading after a second, a white +1120 if someone is healed for that amount)

    I guess some of these features will make it into 2.0. We'll see.

    PS: a complete list of [] data variables would be very helpful. Right now you'll have to read through the entire changelog to find them all...
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    posted a message on Dare I say it?... Indeed I do! ACE CTRA!
    As far as I can remember back in beta or early wow release patches wow had a problem with too much channel traffic. And as CTRA sent tons of info via that channel at that time, the queuing system was necessary. If you now watch the channel manually you'll see that not much info is handled via that channel anymore. So I guess this could wait a bit, at least until we see that is's really necessary.
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    posted a message on Dare I say it?... Indeed I do! ACE CTRA!
    While CTRA was necessary in wow beta and pre 1.5, as the blizzard ui/api was missing lots of functions (e.g. checking raid buffs, raid unit frames,...), CTRA now has developed to a huge pile of tools, out of which some raids require some, and some players use some. I doubt there's anyone who is using all of CTRA though.

    So in case someone really starts coding a AceRaidAssist, I'd suggest the following:

    1) identify the tools CTRA offers, and see if there are any ace'd tools that can be used instead. Publish that list.

    2) identify what the hidden chat channel is used for (afaik: list of MTs, resist/durability/item queries, ready/vote, squelch (ouch, this hooks the blizzard ChatFrame_onEvent), version check).

    3) program a core module which isn't more than a kind of addon manager for ctra-like addons. It might contain some core features, such as chat channel joining, parsing, the notification frame in the middle of the screen for /rs (also used by ct bossmod).

    4) release an api to this core.

    5) let the community develop plugins, e.g.:
    - resistance/durability/item/... check
    - raready/ravote
    - MT windows with target of target
    - aggro alert
    - recast raid buffs
    - rainvite/rakeyword (for guild invitations)
    - resurrection monitor
    - /razone

    6) keep compatibility to CTRA for the chat channel stuff and queries

    7) use Ace ;)

    PS: tools CTRA offers which can be replaced by the usage of other addons might be:
    - raid frames + buff filtering + debuff coloring (MiniGroup2 should offer this soon)
    - healing spell cancellation (lots of healing mods have this)
    - debuffing (decursive? well, we might need a better replacement ;)
    - emergency monitor (think there is at least one addon)
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    posted a message on Dare I say it?... Indeed I do! ACE CTRA!
    Sounds great. Unfortunately it seems as if noone really wants to do it.
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    posted a message on AceMobHealth
    Hmm, it seems as if noone has any plans to write a new streamlined MobInfo...
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    posted a message on Replacement for WarsongCommander/ArathiCommander
    I'm still using WarsongCommander (well, mostly ArathiCommander which is included as zip in WSC) instead of the Blizzard battlefield minimap as I havent found a way to:
    - change battlefield scale
    - change battlefield alpha
    - remove border
    - clip map (there are tons of mountains around the real battlefield that only take a lot of unnecessary space)

    Has anyone seen an addon or has a solution for the above problems? I could imagine that a tiny xml change somewhere would solve scale&alpha, but I'm clueless regarding clipping a map. Any ideas?
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    posted a message on Categorized/Sorting OneBag
    Some notes regarding the latest version listed in this thread:

    - some items are not shown in any of the tabs, e.g. items you can buy at battleground vendors ("Arathi Enriched Mana Potion",...) - I was assuming there's an "unknown" tab which will list these items. Maybe this is true for all Consumables.

    - tooltip: I assume the additional lines (type, subtype) are debug information as probably they don't contain any information usable for non-developers.

    - auto-opening: I noticed that opening the mailbox will auto-open AceInvSort. I'm unsure if I really like that, as I can't abandon my standard bags yet.

    - layout: I'd like to suggest to make the upper part of the bag frame smaller - there's the huge empty button in the middle showing the number of the empty bags (the number in the corner of the frame would be enough), and on the other hand the tab items are so small that they aren't really distinguable - especially if you e.g. use MoveAnything to scale down the entire frame (playing on 1024x768 I tend to scale down everything a bit to save space)

    - I'm unsure about this: in older wow patches shift-clicking an item and then placing the chosen number in trade/AH always transferred the entire stack - so if you had a stack of something and wanted to trade only one you had to shift-click, choose 1, hit return, place the one item in your bag, then open trade and drag&drop the one item. This might be fixed in 1.8/1.9 - but if not: how do I split stacks in case I completely replace my old bags?

    PS: in case you havent seen it yet, Lozareth is working on a similar addon named Discord Mini Inventory:
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    posted a message on AceMobHealth
    MobHealth2 by Telo has been abandoned for months, and someone took over the MH2 code, added a loot database and released it as MobInfo-2. The only feature that made me replace MobHealth2 by MobInfo is the hp-data for players (helpful in battlegrounds). On the other hand MobInfo is bloated with things I don't need, e.g. the loot value database (as I'm spending 99% of my time in either MC/BWL or a battleground).

    Now having seen that the MobHealth2 code is tiny (about 4500bytes if you remove the comments) I wonder if anyone is willing to write AceMobHealth, based on the MH code plus saving data for players (not only mobs). Probably it's done pretty fast if you know what you're doing...
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