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    posted a message on Future Replacment for NECB
    Quote from Zidomo »


    There has long been Antagonist available for enemy cast bar display as well as BigWigs for boss ability bar display. As well as Chronometer, ClassTimer and other mods for your own spells/DOTs. Some/most/all of those are very likely to be updated for the 2.4 combat log changes.

    So for those who want NECB back exactly as it was before after 2.4, I wish you the best, because its not a big deal here ;). Well, it might be if none of the Wowace ones are updated, but until then it isn't :D.

    This is not entirely true. While there are addons that can replace most parts of NECB, there is none other (to the best of my knowledge) that tracks diminishing returns. There is ProxDim that does it in arena on top of Proximo, and that could use some love too. :P
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    posted a message on Proximo 2.0 - Simple Arena Unit Frames
    Quote from Grayhoof »

    Has anyone experienced any issues or errors with the 1.4 beta release? I'm considering releasing it but haven't had enough "real world" arena time lately to make sure its functioning up to my usual standards.

    Seems to be working fine for me, I didn't notice any problems.
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    posted a message on Best way to detect counterspell?

    If I understand correctly what you are trying to do, then you can pick a spell with no cooldown from each school you have and check for that. If it's on a cooldown longer than 1.5 seconds, then the respective school is locked.

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    posted a message on Looking for someone to take over MagickTrack / ProxDim
    Quote from Shadowed »

    Oh and for anyone interested, it should be mostly usable (/afflicted slash commands) but need to play with a couple more things before I put it up as beta on WoWInterface

    Tried it in a couple of BGs, looks good so far. A couple of things that might be on your to-do list already:
    - currently the mod shows the info for friendly players too, instead of enemies only
    - a way to disable the showing of info in chat, and a way to show important stuff like gain/fade in a separate frame (or SCT & co)
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    posted a message on A PvP "Bossmods"
    Quote from Ajuga »

    I would've posted a new thread about this, but this seems like the perfect thread.

    While browsing the EJ forum someone posted this video asking what mod was showing when i.e. the shaman starts casting Lesser Healing Wave and other interesting info.

    It looks like Antagonist sending info to Parrot, but I'm pretty sure Antagonist doesn't have that feature.

    (Antagonist is basically WitchHunt with bars instead of text and an option to filter (meaning it only shows interesting stuff). Parrot is a Scrolling Combat Log mod.)

    It's Nurfed_CombatLog, you might have found out since someone replied in the EJ thread already. You can extract it standalone from the Nurfed package at

    WitchHunt is similar, but has a different way to show the info.
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    posted a message on Proximo 2.0 - Simple Arena Unit Frames

    Grayhoof, I just wanna say how happy and grateful I am that you keep developing your addons. Out of my 300+ days played, at least 250 were using at least one of them, mainly SCT by a large margin, but I can't imagine doing arena without Proximo right now. The general quality of the addons and the extremely high level of support is what makes your addons special. Keep up the good work! <3
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    posted a message on Parser questions
    Quote from JaedxRapture »

    I haven't heard anything more. But consider the changes. We're going from strings formatted specifically for textual output to a visual log to raw data. I'm guessing the current format is the main reason for many of the issues with data pickup, and the change should help, regardless of how broken it seems in its current format.

    Any way, Slouken always seems to be open for this type of discussion. You should start a thread asking some of the specifics of your problems, and see if he can give us any info on how currently incomplete and/or problematic data and pickup can be handled with the new events.

    Yeah, I had read that thread, my quote above regarding Lifebloom is from there. I thought you had another reference since you mentioned the problems I highlighted are a reason for the combat events overhaul.

    I'd post my concerns on the UI forum, unfortunately that's a privilege reserved for the players on US forums, and I'm not one. I'll wait and see what patch 2.4 really brings, not much point speculating about it.
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    posted a message on Parser questions
    Quote from JaedxRapture »

    And now you see the reason for the overhaul. =) I suspect the combat log was just something that was added to so much over a long enough time that it became out of control before they realized anything was wrong with it. That's probably why we've waited 3+ years for a total rebuild.

    Edit: The 2.4 changes are removing the message system altogether, actually. Combat data will instead be passed as events with args to provide the raw data, eliminating the need to scan messages (should be a nice performance boost) and eliminating most ambiguities.

    I do hope you're right and the revamped combat log will get rid of these inconsistencies, however I wasn't able to find a blue post to confirm it. Do you have a link to a post/discussion on this particular topic?

    The touted highlights of the new combat log mentioned are the unique identifiers and relationship of units to player, neither of which address the issues I'm concerned with in this thread. They're great additions for sure, but for other things.

    Moreover, Slouken replies to a question about Lifebloom healing not being attributed to the druid who casted it:

    The content of the logs aren't changing, just the way the information is delivered. The person with Lifebloom really is healing themselves. :)

    This might or not apply to only Lifebloom/PoM.

    I realize it's too early to talk about 2.4 combat log features, a lot of things can change until it goes live. I'm somehow concerned though that I see no discussion about missing/incomplete combat log data on the official UI forums. I wonder if Slouken&co are even aware of the issue? And if they are, are they planning to do anything about it? Or simply rearrange the current data in the new event format and add nothing else to it (except the flags and GUID for the already existing info)?
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    posted a message on NECB alternatives?
    Quote from Yves »

    Okay, thank you mate.
    Im using NECB for:
    - Tracking buff effects (mainly cooldowns) on mobs and in pvp.
    - Time until their cooldowns are ready.
    - Diminishing returns and my CC,slow, chilling effects on my targets.
    Pretty much, might be more that i can't think of right now.
    Keep the suggestions coming!

    Then what Ydriselle said: Antagonist + Chronometer. (maybe Quartz...)

    This combo won't track diminishing returns, but all the rest should be covered.

    If you only want your debuffs tracked on target/focus, then you don't need Chronometer, Quartz or Class Timer are enough.
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    posted a message on NECB alternatives?
    Quote from gogusrl »

    anything that would track diminishing returns ?

    That's one of the things Antagonist is lacking, pretty big thing to be lacking too. I know of no other addon that can track diminishing returns except NECB, but I'd be very curious if there's anything around.
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    posted a message on Parser questions

    Thanks for your replies!

    Last night I went and made a small event logger for just about any event I thought has relevance for this. Joined a few BGs and ended up with 30+ MB of event data, quite interesting stuff in it.

    rophy is right, there are a lot of inconsistencies around, and neither spell I mentioned above has a cast message.

    For example, Psychic Scream various messages that I found are:

    X is afflicted by Psychic Scream. (CHAT_MSG_SPELL_PERIODIC_HOSTILEPLAYER_DAMAGE)
    X's Psychic Scream was resisted by Y. (CHAT_MSG_SPELL_FRIENDLYPLAYER_DAMAGE)
    X's Psychic Scream fails. Y is immune. (CHAT_MSG_SPELL_FRIENDLYPLAYER_DAMAGE)
    You are afflicted by Psychic Scream. (CHAT_MSG_SPELL_PERIODIC_SELF_DAMAGE)
    X's Psychic Scream is removed. (CHAT_MSG_SPELL_BREAK_AURA)
    Psychic Scream fades from X. (CHAT_MSG_SPELL_AURA_GONE_OTHER)
    Psychic Scream fades from you. (CHAT_MSG_SPELL_AURA_GONE_SELF)

    The SELF events got triggered for my pet as well.

    Rather surprising (for me at least), "afflicted by Psychic Scream" events are *_DAMAGE events. Lacking the caster information and no resist messages for hostile casts make the spell hard to track. I imagine it's possible to do it quite well in arena, since there's hardly any team running more than 1 priest, so a party member afflicted by Psychic Scream is a good indication. But I doubt is possible to do it within the world environment.

    Shaman's shocks don't have a cast event, they do show up though in damage events:

    X's Earth Shock hits Y for Z Nature damage. (CHAT_MSG_SPELL_HOSTILEPLAYER_DAMAGE)
    X's Earth Shock was resisted. (CHAT_MSG_SPELL_HOSTILEPLAYER_DAMAGE)
    X's Earth Shock was resisted by Y. (CHAT_MSG_SPELL_FRIENDLYPLAYER_DAMAGE)
    X's Earth Shock was resisted by Y. (CHAT_MSG_SPELL_HOSTILEPLAYER_DAMAGE)
    X's Earth Shock fails. Y is immune. (CHAT_MSG_SPELL_FRIENDLYPLAYER_DAMAGE)

    Frost/Flame Shocks follow same rules.

    The shock messages seem more detailed than Psychic Scream at least. I think it should be possible to track those regardless if they land or not.

    Counterspell is the most lacking of all, can't remember if there was a shortage of mages in the BGs I joined, will require further testing.

    X is afflicted by Counterspell - Silenced. (CHAT_MSG_SPELL_PERIODIC_FRIENDLYPLAYER_DAMAGE)
    Counterspell - Silenced fades from X. (CHAT_MSG_SPELL_AURA_GONE_OTHER)

    I had 4 messages involving Counterspell in 30+ MB of data, hardly conclusive.

    Spell Lock is better shown than Counterspell:

    X's Spell Lock was resisted. (CHAT_MSG_SPELL_HOSTILEPLAYER_DAMAGE)
    X's Spell Lock was resisted by Y. (CHAT_MSG_SPELL_HOSTILEPLAYER_DAMAGE)
    X's Spell Lock was resisted by Y. (CHAT_MSG_SPELL_PET_DAMAGE)
    You are afflicted by Spell Lock. (CHAT_MSG_SPELL_PERIODIC_SELF_DAMAGE)

    But I think it suffers from same problem as Psychic Scream, so it's only possible to attempt to track it in places like arena, and if there's only 1 felhunter around.

    I hope the 2.4 combat log overhaul will provide better messages for those abilities, and the others that may have same inconsistency problems. Until then it's difficult to track important spells like Counterspell or Psychic Scream, unless controlled environments (arena) with a single player that can cast them.

    For completion I attach the list of events I logged, if there's any I missed please let me know. :)
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    posted a message on NECB alternatives?
    Quote from Yves »

    Natur EnemyCastBar .
    I've been annoyed about it for too long now, and its now disabled until i find a replacement.

    It's a really good addon, but its too heavy, non-modular, not supporting shared media and does not support simple features like "Fill from left or right", it's also very hard to setup in separated groups.

    For those that don't know what NECB is:

    Only one I know is Antagonist, give it a shot. It's lacking in many ways, but see for yourself if it's good enough.

    That's for the PvP enemy buffs/cooldowns/casts part of NECB, there are addons that fill the other NECB functions, but I don't know what you use exactly.
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    posted a message on Parser questions

    I've been trying to use Parser-3.0 to detect spell casts, and while it's been largely succesful, I still have things I don't seem to catch. Some of those that I've noticed are not identified are shaman's Shocks, priest's Psychic Scream, mage's Counterspell, felhunter's Spell Lock. There might be some others missing that I haven't spotted.

    This is the snippet of the code:

    local events = {
        cast = {
            eventType = "Cast", 
    function Test:RegisterEvents()
        self:RegisterParserEvent(events.cast, "ParseCast")
    function Test:ParseCast(info)
      if buffs[info.abilityName] then
        print(info.sourceName, info.abilityName)

    From what I understand, the code above should catch all spell casts in combat log range.

    Joining a battleground I get spammed with a lot of spell casts, which is fine, however there's no message for the spells above. It's not a problem with instant casts in general, since I can detect for example paladin's Holy Shock. I understand there are issues with Counterspell/Spell Lock, but do they apply to the other spells I mentioned too?

    I had posted a question related to Psychic Scream earlier on (, unfortunately I haven't been able to make it work using UNIT_SPELLCAST_SUCCEEDED. As I understand this event fires for player and possibly other unitIDs, whereas what I'm trying to do is detect when a hostile player casts it, and not only if he's the target/focus (which I failed to mention explicitly in that other thread).

    So I wonder, am I overlooking something? Or is it a limitation of game API/Parser library? If there is a way to do it, I'd greatly appreciate a code example.

    As a side note, is there any "complete" documentation of the unitIDs usable with each UNIT_SPELLCAST_* event somewhere? WoWWiki is only useful to a certain extent.

    Thanks in advance.
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    posted a message on Talent info available cross-faction?

    I was browsing through the latest SVN commits, and I found this:

    Commit by ckknight :: r56922 LibDogTag-2.0/LibDogTag-2.0.lua:

    LibDogTag-2.0 - hack up WoW's inspect system to gleam talent info from everyone requested.

    * simplify some talent checking functions.
    * note: due to what I'm guessing is a bug in Blizz's system, talent info is available from both factions as long as the other unit is visible (not even has to be within 30 yards).

    First time I see a mention of this, anybody knows what's the behaviour in game? You can query anybody from any faction to retrieve his talent spec? I would post the question on the Blizzard UI forum, but as a EU player there's no use to do that. So I'm hoping someone around here has more info on what's this supposed to mean.

    P.S. I don't wanna stir the old discussion about Rock broadcasting talent info by default, and from the short description above I don't think is even related to Rock, looks more like something Blizzard API-related.
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    posted a message on Development state
    I've been using agUF Ace3 branch for ~one month now, with not issues, so I think is stable enough.
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