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    posted a message on Cant change profiles in ag unitframes
    Wenn i try to change to an other profile than default i got an error message:

    ag_Unitframes.lua:137:attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)

    I got an twink now and need different profile. I deleted the wtf folder and all other addons, but it doesnt help.

    Somebody got an idea what going wrong here?
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    posted a message on Problem with RangeRecolor and CT Mod
    I hope somebody can help me with my problem.

    1) I use CT Bar Mod for an extra buttonbar (the build from wow are not enough for me) and flexbar/barthender/bongos are
    to big/complicated when you need only one more bar.

    2) I use RangeRecolor (ace2) for Redout spells^^

    The problem is both at same time doesent work. CT Bar Mod have an build in recolor but its to weak (its near impossible to see if
    firespeels ut of range or not). But when i switch it off and use rangerecolor it begins to flicker.

    There are 3 different ways to resolve the problem:

    1) Make the color from CT Bar Mod darker

    2) Stop flicker Rangecolor with CT Bar Mod

    3) I need another horizontal button bar that works (but i dont find an simply mod that adds only an extra bar without changing the ui complete)
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    posted a message on Problem with Petbar (Mage)
    I got an problem with my petbar (magepet). When i cast the waterele in fight (pvp or pve, when i run an cast thing an get attacked...)) the petbar is 40% on an wrong place (in my actionbars) and in 50% it dont appear (nromal i got only an fubar on upper side of my screen, but when i make on the down side, i see that the petbar is under my actionbars)

    Is there an way to fix this? Is only happens when fubar is active, i think it moves the petbar, and got wrong when to many action is on sceen^^
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    posted a message on Aguf laggy...
    Got the same Problem since 2.1. When iam joniing an full BG i got freeze for some an minute and sometimes an complete crash.
    Nice addon but at moment it not possible to play with it. Hope you fix it :)
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