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    Yes, remember these are only quick fixes until ckk gets back to it, if he ever does. Who knows.

    Sadly, i've had to stop using it myself, as there is a major memory issue with it right now. It goes something like this:

    When you're low level, just starting, there is no problem as it's not populating the maps with POIs in the unexplored areas for some reason. Trying it on a high level, where all the maps have been explored, it processes ALL the POIs and, guessing an update problem somewhere, it almost brings the game to a standstill. And that is with all other addons disabled.

    Mine usually runs at around 1.1 Gb fully loaded. With Carto3, it pumps it right up to 1.8 Gb. I'm guessing it hits the limit there, and starts paging it to disk, with the resulting game-stopping lag it causes.

    Would be nice if he does get back to it. I'm sure I can whip up a few decent modules for it... :p
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    Guess it's something to do with this forum which screws up attachments.
    I downloaded this myself and had same problem. Also with the other file you mentioned.
    Ah well
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    Attached is Cartographer3 with fixes I've made, until such time ckk hopefully returns to completing this nice piece of work.

    All menus working correctly, including POI menus.
    Notes icons can now be correctly assigned.
    Notes can now be saved/edited/deleted correctly.
    Updated libraries included.

    28/11/08 :
    Added instance maps for
    Drak'Tharon Keep
    The Nexus
    The Violet Hold
    Utgarde Keep
    Added POIs to the main map for the above.

    Added map of Dalaran

    Two files, due to the attachment limit here.
    Unzip both to the Addons folder.

    NOTE 1: For those having problems with zip files, this is due to the way IE handles these attachments. It seems to put a 'wrapper' around the original zip, and renames the original without an extension. I simply loaded it into my zip utility, extracted the file, put a .zip extension on it, and all was fine.

    NOTE 2: This will not work if you have already installed the 'Fan' update. You will need to do a clean install of Carto3, then apply these patches.
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