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    I think our differences are smaller than they may seem. In short, I wasn't saying authors shouldn't be frustrated. I'm saying those frustrations are being misdirected to the point of being maladaptive. Again, I understand why it's easy to feel personally hurt and attacked when people use WowMatrix. But thinking of users who use, from their experience, the superior program as pirates who want to piss authors off, as 'users who say FUCK YOU to the addon sites' is backwards and self-defeating.

    That more and more people will use the easier, smoother program is in and of itself an economic reality. Tjista made a reasonable and accurate point, that people would naturally move to WowMatrix should have been factored into this transition, and it should have been done by Curse. It wasn't, and the anger expressed here (such as Ydrisselle's response to that very same Tjista post) should have instead been expressed to them.

    Putting aside the better Curse Client issue, perhaps if the ground had been softened up weeks ago, if the WowInsider articles had been pushed well before 3.0, you wouldn't be wagging your fingers at users who have had to deal with with being told they're bad people for using the easier program on patch day.

    To answer your questions, before WAU I didn't use that many addons at all. Checking three or four when they stopped working wasn't so bad. It was the ease of WAU and later jwow that opened me up and exposed me to so many addons. And yes, frankly. I think I might be too lazy to go back to doing that with all the addons I've now grown used to. I know that's blunt, and I know it isn't noble of me. But the truth is a lot of the addons I use are based around being lazy. Laziness is what created the appeal for a vast, vast majority of them. And yes, WAU spoiled me. I'm used to being able to update all those addons so easily, I'm used to installing them so easily. WowMatrix recreates that experience much more closely than Curse Client.

    Again, I'm not saying that any of us should ignore the impact of WowMatrix. I'm not saying you should all accept this as the way things are and bury your heads in the sand. But the frustration really, really shouldn't be directed towards those who download.

    Bad example:
    FairPlay sucks. Apple knew it. Apple didn't direct their frustrations at the end user. Steve Jobs didn't write an open letter to those who used bittorrent. The frustrations went upwards, towards the record labels, where they should have, and iTunes now has DRM free songs (albeit only EMI has come on board), and is still selling more and more songs.

    Curse Client sucks. Authors know it. Their frustrations shouldn't have gone towards those who use WowMatrix.

    All the posts complaining about CC and praising WM should have been welcomed and accepted. And then passed on to the people at Curse, perhaps done so with varying degrees of frustration- and anger-venting.

    You simply aren't going to get very far trying to convince people not to use the easier program because it's bad, and definitely not during the week of 3.0.

    Trying to rail against the natural market forces is like trying to keep the tide down with flippers. You don't splash against the on-coming waves, you channel the water to where you'd like it to go. Channel all this back to Curse, not towards the end users. Get them to care more about a better client, get them to care more about WowMatrix.

    Isn't Kaelten in a position of influence with them? Isn't Kaelten bringing them boatloads of developers and the users that follow? Aren't they trying to make profits off that?

    The authors don't have to time or the resources to draft cease and desist notices.

    I would assume, perhaps naively but maybe Kael can clarify, that Curse does. Again, I say work upwards. If there's even a whiff of cause of action, then there's a good chance, for starters, that Apple would drop them like a hot potato.
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    As an end user who found himself a little startled and blindsided by all this, it's taken me a few days to parse the situation.

    I understand where the authors' frustration and anger is coming from. There's a huge demand for addons that creates bandwidth that simply can't be donation-supported. The solution to that was to monetize with ads and membership levels. Yet here's a program that circumvents all that, and will potentially just re-create the problem, making all this transition time and hours spent hammering out agreements and hand-wringing over ace and curseforge and getting them both to feed into a site. I get that, I do.

    ...But the ball was dropped.

    And I don't think I'm saying anything shocking or new there. Even if no one ever said it here, you would know that this transition came at a -horrible- time.

    We're all a little frustrated by the major hitches of the new patch, the world server down errors, all the things not in the patch notes. We all have that baseline frustration in common, and this is just adding to those flames. Again, I'm not surprised that 'You aren't welcome here' and 'You're fucking killing the sites' is getting slung around.

    But it -is- pretty messed up.

    3.0.x hitting live was going to be a huge traffic day. It was going to be a day when a lot of people realized for the first time that their old habits weren't going to work.

    It's simply natural for huge, huge numbers of end users to move to WowMatrix. It isn't hard to figure out why. Reading this thread it seems as though the more vocal authors and site admins have decided that the best response to that is blunt-force anger. Quite frankly, that's ridiculous. It cannot surprise you that so many people are going to use WowMatrix, and I simply can't believe you don't understand why.

    I tried using my old jwow, and paled at the idea of visiting the sites for each and every one of my addons. I understand both why that program requires that and why it's seen as more benign (at least there's some ad traffic when I go visit those sites, presumably). I visited this site, among others, read up on the situation, and, apprehensively, returned to Curse Client, which I had left behind months ago. It was actually better than I had remembered it, but it was still pretty suck.

    I understand that it's in beta, but that it is a beta now is the problem, and instead of getting mad at the end users for responding to that by using a program that's not only better, but doesn't scare them with the thought of premium fees at some point down the road, if there is any anger, it really, really should be pointed towards Curse. It's just simply that simple. This transition should've been started four weeks ago, and it should have started with a CurseClient that works and works well. I'm not saying anything new, and I'm not saying anything that shouldn't have been a thought in all of your heads four weeks ago. I'm sure it was.

    The authors of the big addons, who will eventually be getting money, and presumably decent sums of it in the future, should have gotten organized and had theirs pulled from wowmatrix four months ago. You guys could have been out in front of this. You could have had a client that, while would eventually recoup money, was release quality for the biggest traffic day in the foreseeable future. You could have -neutered- WowMatrix. No Omen? No Cartographer? No Auctioneer? None of the dozens of others we all use? Who would use it? No one.

    You all know that all of us posting on this thread are a small, vocal minority that represents thousands and thousands of others who will eventually be paying 3 or 4 dollars a month, or clicking on the ads that get pushed by us. Reading this thread, I was lucky to see something that said 'You don't like CC? It's in beta. Tell us what you don't like.' It was hard not to roll my eyes at that, and that was a highlight. I have to believe that you all also have tried using CC, and continue to do so. I have to also believe that weeks ago you were using one of the updaters for files.wowace.

    That isn't to say I don't get that you want more constructive criticism in order to shape priorities about what needs to get done. But you had the opportunity to have that very dialogue with the end users, and instead there were lectures and foot-stompings about legality and piracy.

    Again, had this transition been started one or two months earlier, and more publicly (WowInsider articles -this- week? Seriously?), the wrinkles could have been smoothed out before the patch day, and all the traffic could have been moved in a way that benefited the dev community.

    WowMatrix users aren't welcome here? That's -absurd-. You want WowMatrix users here. You want them in droves. You want to sit them down in chairs, buy them strippers and Talisker, and talk to them.

    You're asking us to become your customers and your revenue instead of anonymous, unwashed free leeches. That's fair. That's fine. You need some money for hosting, you deserve some for your time.

    But if you want us to be customers, we deserve better too.
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